What’s Upstairs?


What's upstairs?


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  1. Neither will the people that killed Epstein.

    • True, Trump would have them killed. And then blame Hillary. I see and know everything.

    • They all got a promotion by the Trump administration. Look it up.

    • Of course they never do. If libtards are snowflakes then rightards are bubbles.

  2. Since you broached the topic: in Trump’s case there is nothing upstairs.

    • Being an idiot he just damaged the next health organisation to cover up his own incompetence.

  3. Honestly these jokes get worse every day

  4. Ya because the Left didn’t kill Epstein. Not the Clintons for sure. It was the nasty homophobic, xenophobic, racist, misogynistic Right Wing retards. The Left is just perfect in every way. Just ask em.

    • I’m glad that you are focusing on the most important topics. Real life and death stuff for sure.

    • Fox news is probably going to talk about the Clintons tonight. Or maybe they’ll focus on other important stuff like complaining about California.

    • Would be nice if they they complain how Trump is killing thousands of American by his incompetence.

    • I object to use the term retards here, it’s an offense against retarded folks.

  5. This is true. Retards are usualy not vicious, like Ted and his right wing kind.

  6. But what about the people under the stairs?

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