Don’t You Just Love These Spoilers?



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  1. Oh I thought it it was going to be about infinity war

  2. Wow. First Bumblee-Butts, now this. I think I have outgrown this site. Bye bye eatliver, it was fund while it lasted.

    • Trunkmonkey May 15, 2018

      funded, not fund.
      Geez, moran

    • Pistal666 May 24, 2018

      Can you keep the Door open, I’m just coming……..Can’t take any more of this awful Material. EL used to be funny…..What happened? And @Trunkmonkey, I think it was supposed to say “Fun”, also it is “Moron” not “Moran”, you sausage jockey. Unless you are calling him a Masai Warrior?

  3. Hilda Ogden May 13, 2018

    I bought the last one, tried to fit it, – but couldn’t hammer in the last nail…

  4. Cogito sum May 15, 2018

    Wings, not spoilers

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