Don’t You Just Love These Spoilers?

8 thoughts on “Don’t You Just Love These Spoilers?”

  1. Oh I thought it it was going to be about infinity war

  2. Superman dies.

  3. Wow. First Bumblee-Butts, now this. I think I have outgrown this site. Bye bye eatliver, it was fund while it lasted.

  4. I bought the last one, tried to fit it, – but couldn’t hammer in the last nail…

  5. Wings, not spoilers

  6. funded, not fund.
    Geez, moran

  7. Panty liners have wings, so do airliners. hth.

  8. Can you keep the Door open, I’m just coming……..Can’t take any more of this awful Material. EL used to be funny…..What happened? And @Trunkmonkey, I think it was supposed to say “Fun”, also it is “Moron” not “Moran”, you sausage jockey. Unless you are calling him a Masai Warrior?

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