This Spinal Doctor Is Out Of Control

Some doctors are brighter than others. This spinal doctor is totally incompetent and out of line. Removing a patient’s spine just to show him where the problem is – that’s just reckless and dangerous!

Some patients are brighter than others.

12 thoughts on “This Spinal Doctor Is Out Of Control”

  1. The patient seems about as bright as Effendi.

  2. This patient is a Republican. As we all know they do not have a spine.

  3. No. Canadian. Dumb enough to elect Trudeau. Twice. 🤣😂

  4. No, no, no. Like a little child. You should see a doctor for your trudeau-fetish. Maybe they write an article about you. Maybe. Maybe not.

  5. I get it. This site is for America/Trump bashing ONLY. Bring up Trudeau and his three Ethics Convictions and you need medical intervention. 😂🤣. Google Brain Washing in modern societies. You’ll see a picture of Pierre Castro Trudeau next to the study.

  6. This meme goes to 11…

  7. Is your Trudeau derangement the cause or the result of living in a fascist bubble controlled by the Kremlin? It all looks copy&paste. Do you still sport your own original thoughts or did you give up to become an alt-right troglodyte?
    Asking for a sociologist.

  8. Just replace Trudeau with Trump in your comment and you can answer the question yourself.

  9. Wow, lame attempt. Go to bed. And die there. Sad. 😂

  10. Won’t happen. I’m not vaxxed.

  11. Pneumonia can kill you in bed too. Probably will most of the time. You won’t have the strength to stand.
    I knew someone. They thought a flu is nothing. A few weeks like dead in their sleep. Cardiac damage from untreated pneumonia.
    Happened and happens to many unvaxxinated with covid too. I think it was and is the second most common deadly result of a corona infection. Number one would be immune system going haywire.
    Vaccines protect against that.

  12. Phizercardidis kills many people as well. Mostly young people. Not safe and so effective people have to take 4 or 5 jabs in less then 2 years and they still Covid multiple times. To much evidence out there now to make the claim that they did or do anything positive at this point and no one can be dumb enough to take more boosters now. Or can they..?

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