14 thoughts on “Spelling Bee”

  1. Does this really happen in Heaven? Certainly doesn’t seem Christian.

  2. This happens somewhere on the earth .. by proxy.

  3. Look, their imaginary friends are fighting…

  4. Didn’t one of you people just kill like 3 in Texas?

  5. He called himself an “anti-theist” – against god. Don’t confuse them with atheists – without god.
    An atheists can’t be an anti-theist. Why would one fight what he knows doesn’t exist?
    He killed those people because of a parkling space not their religion.
    He seems to be just a normal nut with a gun. Best american neigborhood material.

  6. It was N.C.

  7. Life would be a lot more interesting if this happened. Can you imagine the Pay Per View subscriptions for the “All God Fighting” network?

  8. God’s commandment – thou shalt not kill.
    Allah’s commandment – kill the infidels.

  9. @Atheist Freedom Fighter You sound just like those religious folk, twisting and turning to fit your anti-logical argument into something it’s not.
    Why would one fight what he knows doesn’t exist?
    Well, I would say if you believe there is no God, then why not do what you please? If there are no consequences for your actions, the world is your plate. So aren’t you justified to do anything no matter how horrible? Don’t give me that fluff about human this and human laws. That is finite and non-binding.
    Unfortunately for you, there is a God. I don’t agree with modern religions and they don’t represent ‘The ALL’ but they have belief in what is real. Unlike you.

  10. @begruged; You obviously misunderstood AFF. He correctly said that atheism is not the same as anti-theism. As an atheist, I see no reason to fight against all kinds of theism, in fact I don`t think that many atheists have problems with a belief like reductive pantheism (God = Nature). Reductive pantheism and atheism maintain extensionally equivalent ontologies.
    On the other hand we see all talk of God’s purposes, intentions, goals, preferences or aims as just an anthropomorphizing fiction. We do have a problem accepting religions with an anthropomorphized god, obviously created for the purpose of controlling people and upholding societies millenia ago, societies far more primitive than our modern societies. Such beliefs are of course tolerable as long as they are personal beliefs in the private sphere, but there is a problem with some (especially the Abrahamian religions) in that they still are used as effective instruments of oppression. And we do not need to devolve our societies back to the level of thousands of years ago.
    Our modern societies have evolved to today`s level not because of religion, but despite it. And you`re wrong to think that ethics necessarily have anything to do with religion. Try to read some philosophy, for you (and everyone else) I would suggest to read Spinoza`s “Ethics”. A byproduct of that book is that you might understand the difference between atheists and anti-theists.

  11. @edgehog I will deal with you tomorrow. I’m on a phone and not in a place to properly respond.

  12. I am a Christian and I found this funny.

  13. Sunday,Sunday,Sunday!!! A blue midget elephant fights a robed man,

  14. By their fruits shall you know them…Atheists are real good learners, they learned from the Turks how to slaughter millions of inconvenient innocents before 1920, by the mid 1960’s Atheist governments had slaughtered ~200 million moms, dads and kids, because, why not? Ethics come from somewhere and it’s usually best not to leave them in the hands (and short memories) of capricious humans that think they know enough to be sure there is no God.

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