Movie Scenes Before And After Special Effects



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  1. Bonus scenes from the upcoming Avatar 2:

  2. Logical conclusion March 14, 2016

    The videography is just as believable as the story. Hollyweird sucks.

  3. RoboCop = Conway from House of Cards
    Cats > Robotic Policeofficers
    Bill and Joe Bob = Dank Nicknames

  4. Those special effects are amazing. Kristen Stewart almost looks life-like.

  5. The RoboCop scene is fudged. That’s not what it looked like without SFX, that’s part of the same scene, they’re replaying one of his memories from before he got blown up, so it keeps cutting between him as a cyborg and him at a friend’s barbecue.

  6. I feel like I have been abused.

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