Amazing Leaked Footage of Avatar 2! Warning: Spoilers!



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  1. Ehrrmm, i think bluescreen is the way to go with Nhaacvi.

  2. If you look really hard you can see Andy Serkis in his natural habitat.

  3. Swedens Emperor March 11, 2016

    Oh the douchebaggery

  4. E.A. Presley March 11, 2016

    That is just waisted bandwidth. Single image should have sufficed.

  5. Stuck Ewan McGregor in there and you’ve got Star Wars episode 2

  6. Bubba and Joe Bob March 11, 2016

    Joe Bob here… now you spolit it for Bubba. He ain’t seen the movie yet and he’s so pi**ed off ’bout this he ain’t gonna spend money on it.

  7. PatronasKitty7 March 11, 2016

    No way!

  8. AnAverageJoe March 12, 2016

    I’m so stupid. It took me forever to realize that avatar is like 100%

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