How To Solve ANY Physics Problem


8 thoughts on “How To Solve ANY Physics Problem”

  1. As a major in astrophysics, this is accurately accurate.

  2. Natural sciences can be hard… for pussies.

  3. If he had used common core he would have obtained the correct answer. That is, it’s correct if he showed his work… and tried real hard… and was a good person.

  4. Of course it’s accurate. Eatliver never get things wrong.

  5. This reminds me of programming and syntax errors.
    “Why won’t it work!!!” *tears hair out*.
    Seriously though, I hear if a physics problem starts making sense, you are entirely wrong. If you start getting confused, you are on the right path.

  6. Why does every aspect of popular media embrace 42 as part of it’s narrative when it comes to math? WTF (what the fourier [transform]). It was a stupid book and a stupid show, get over it!
    Carry On.

  7. 42 is the answer to everything.

  8. The joke is that THE answer isn’t the answer this time.

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