That Moment When…


When you kill a man for the first time and you really need a cigarette but you're not 21.


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  1. CPT, knowitall September 8, 2020

    cuz Trump.

  2. BLM Rioter(D) September 8, 2020

    I kill and smoke when I want.

  3. When securing natural resources for the government you want to plant in a foreign country, you abide by that country’s laws, so it’s probably legal for him to suck a fag.

    • Actually, in most countries the USA ‘secure natural resources”, sucking a fag (American English) is illegal and can be punished with death penalty.

    • Rightards’ wet dream.

  4. I’m a veteran. The last time I checked, it’s an all-volunteer force. It wasn’t when I was in. If you don’t have what it takes, then don’t enlist. Problem solved!

    • You are a fool. This is an ant-laws-against smoking meme, not an anti-military meme.

      We are complaining that people like you are willing to kill for your country, but that same country won’t let them smoke.

      And you insulting those brave men and women that join the army but are upset they can’t smoke is childish

  5. UncleNonymous September 9, 2020

    The uniform doesn’t look legit. It’s probably on of Antifa’s “peaceful protesters”, in which case they see it as their duty to break the law and not expect any responsibility for their actions, so I really don’t see a issue.

    • “Sees it as their duty to break the law and not expect any responsibility for their actions” sounds very much like the current administration.

    • And the US military. They deny to stand trials for war crimes in DenHaag like everyone else. USA, leader in crime.

  6. He didn’t shoot anyone — he just heard that Trump gave away the army’s nuclear secrets to a journalist.

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