Soldier of Surrender

25 thoughts on “Soldier of Surrender”

  1. Of course the French martial art is Parkour: The art of running away.

  2. I always like people who perpetuate that “France – White Flag” stereotype because it’s an easy way to quickly know that they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.

  3. so liver, history isn’t your strongpoint, huh?

  4. this picture is “Deja vu” and your joke too ! …I mean the joke you stole from someone else on the internet.

  5. Wow XIX century stereotypes spread by the Brittish, how original.
    This is like the oldest old of the whole internet.

  6. Wow, the French are out on force in the comment section today!
    how wonderful that they are here to proudly defend their honour in the comments section. Devoid of any sense of humour or recognition of irony, please continue to explain to me how this picture is actually not very serious and in your opinion wrong…(facepalm here)
    Fyi: in the Greek situation you did what you always do, surrender at the first moment you could. If it werent for Ze Germans, the Greeks would have gotten an free lunch and probably tons of extra benefits too.
    And for balance, if it were only up to Ze Germans, the Greeks would now probably be trying to eat their leather belts and shoes and be trying to emigrate to North Korea because of the improved economic opportunities there compared to Greece.

  7. Its a joke, take it easy people. Every country has to deal with stupid stereo types, no need to be a drama queen.

  8. And being a warmongerer is a jolly good thing?

  9. I’m not French, I just know history (and it seems economics) a lot better than you.

  10. 150 years ago you had half of the world under your control. Now all you have is a rather small island. Tell me more about surrendering.

  11. Yes, but it’s old. I mean reaaaaalllly old.

  12. Well, at least France had Napoleon. Oh, and Zinédine Zidane.

  13. American version of this would have something about knowing which country’s oil you can take, how to make military spending increases palatable to the public and tips on setting up a military “liberation” to democracy.

  14. Ze Germans got “a free lunch” after WW. And do you really think that the greek will starve? For real? These guys have been around for how many thousand years?

  15. Actually the stereotype is relatively new. You can thank Albert LeBrun (President of France during WWII) for the yellow streak. Before Al, the French were a historically fearsome people from the Gauls all the way up to Napoleon’s time. A thousand years reputation as one of the most feared people destroy by one incompetent craven.

  16. On a scale of 1 to England, how much does your butt hurt that you can’t live in the greatest place on Earth?

  17. Indeed, it is quite new. In both world wars, as well as the Napoleonic wars, the French lost more soldiers than the US in their entire history. WWI was a breaking point because the French were such aggressive attackers which didn’t go well in trench warfare.

  18. Is it true police are often times unarmed, I thinking Charlie Hebdo?

  19. No, the JOKE IS OLD. OK? Joke… not the stereotype. And jokes go bad pretty fast. So much effort for such a lame joke. That’s the pathetic thing here.

  20. …brings all the nutters with low esteem from under their stones.
    Cowards, the lot of them… now there’s irony.

  21. @dsa: funny enough, the Greeks got free lunches shortly after WW II, from 1981 onwards and in 2012.
    There is no reason why the Greeks should starve…

  22. No such thing as the “greatest” country, every country has ups and downs.

  23. Insulting an army, and with it, a proud people and his country, is just lame. Have you any example of french people bashing the USA for all the killings in schools or somewhere else, due to free weapon sale? Are french mocking the fact that gay mariage arrived in France before USA? Or how easier it is to get health care in France, since decades, and so difficult in USA ? No, we don’t do this, because it would be pathetic. It’s not funny, and I’m fed up with this french bashing. STOP IT!

  24. We liked France until Charles DeGaulle.

  25. Because USA got sad when DeGaulle said no to war in Iraq because he knew USA has made false evidence of mass destruction weapons ?
    It surely go well when USA only aggravate Iraq’s instability and got caught in a 10 years war ?

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