So Very Brave: Standing Up For Gender Equality

There once was a brave woman who was a fierce advocate for gender equality. She had the best intentions of helping her neighbors shovel snow from their roof after a snowstorm. However, every time she made up her mind to get to work, she would remember all the cozy things she could do instead, like snuggling up with a good book, or drinking hot cocoa. So, she promised herself she would definitely help the next day. The end.

There once was a brave woman who was a fierce advocate for gender equality. She had the best intentions of helping her neighbors shovel snow... tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “So Very Brave: Standing Up For Gender Equality”

  1. Exactly :)

  2. They’re a lot of scrawny little men who would avoid this as well.

  3. Stone Age: Women are as strong as men.
    Bronze Age: Men give women only plant food. Make women weak and small.
    Middle Ages: Men establish themselves as the strong gender. Keep women under their boot.
    Modern Times: Women demand equality. Men argue women are weak by nature and therefore are not equal.

  4. Modern times – Real men don’t argue that at all.

    There are still plenty of men like you that are still trying to keep women under their boot. Imagine how y’all would feel if the government passed rules about what you can do with your sexual organs. You can’t even handle it when a life saving medicine is made available and not required. Poor thing. So sad.

  5. What…

  6. Did you understand my post?

  7. Understood Manly Man. Problem being is your logic stinks.

  8. Then why do you acuse me of keeping women “under my boot” when I demand the exact opposite?

  9. You’re correct Manly Man, you don’t keep them under your boot.
    Under your thumb is more accurate, that way you can keep a closer
    look. She may try to sneak out of the house to and have coffee with
    a neighbour lady. OMG, she may talk about you, or maybe she’s a

  10. Ok, now I know you are an incel troll. We’ll give women their rights back and you can’t do anything about it. Real men don’t fear equality.

  11. Oh lord. Trim your neckbeard and shut up.

  12. Nice burn. I’m stealing that.

  13. What? Who?

  14. Loooooooooool. The dude said women were as strong as men in stone age but that changed because they only planted foodnforna while. Dude never heard about isolated tribes that never discovered farming and yet women are weaker.

  15. Just to be sure: the men who got deployed to Omaha beach and died defending women back in their home country are the ones who want to keep women under their boot.

    And the emasculated men with fake pronouns and made up genders who want to deploy women to the next war are the liberating ones.

  16. Women are stronger than me

  17. Ok, non binary incel.

  18. You are all weak. Obviously.

  19. Gender equality means Equal rights. Not equal roles.
    Whoever posted this – thanks for displaying your ignorance, lack of understanding and intolerance.

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