Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser: Truly Life-Changing Product

Imagine that you are cleaning yourself with a bunch of snot. Hard to imagine? There’s a perfect solution! Get this big fake nose and have your liquid soap (preferably green) drip out of it onto your hands so you can lather it all over your body. That should make it easier. You can find it on Amazon, however it currently seems to be all sold out. Who would have though that there’s such a strong demand for a thing like this?

Runny nose soap dispenser.

Runny nose soap dispenser.

The wacky design of this product is made from high-quality materials (or so the makers claim) which will withstand long-term use in the damp and wet environment of the average bathroom. It will also endure repeated pokes and squeezes in order to release the gel that is contained inside. It mounts easily to any flat surface with suction cups and will remain in place until you decide to move it. Refilling is easy and just requires unscrewing of a single cap.

Runny nose soap dispenser.

Runny nose soap dispenser.

Runny nose soap dispenser.

If you feel like throwing your money at this vomit-inducing thing, check it out on Amazon. They will probably re-stock it soon.

10 thoughts on “Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser: Truly Life-Changing Product”

  1. Lovely

  2. Does it dry out over time, so you can reach in and fish out the boogers?

  3. End of days.

  4. Why doesn’t Putin just say he has a One Russia Policy like China? Then everyone will just close their eyes again.

  5. This is not funny, picking ( no pun intended) on large noses.

  6. You’re wrong. Your pun was intended. Don’t deny it.

  7. YoMama

  8. Okay, O.K, okay. Jeezeeeeee just having some fun.

  9. I find this incredibly anti semitic.

  10. Aren’t you touchy. Jewish people don’t have a monopoly on big noses.😵‍💫

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