War Is Hell



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  1. Dude. Do you even bread?

  2. Eric Bloodaxe January 20, 2017

    T-shirt translation: “Do you want to come home with me and see my heat pump?” Strangely enough not in German, but in Norwegian.

  3. The Good German January 20, 2017

    Fake. A french sniper would have surrendered before the first shot.

    Just joking. Our french neighbours are dear to me.

    • When I last went there, they weren’t too happy with my sense of humour, though, with me asking them whether they liked my t-shirt with their national flag on it whilst wearing a plain white t-shirt.

    • The Good German January 22, 2017

      They surely laught on the inside with a mix of irony and shame. I’m sure of it. You did well. Show them good humour. The french still lack some self-irony. We and the British will teach them.

  4. The Logical Psycho January 21, 2017

    Now that’s what i call “Deep Throat”

  5. Bill Nye the Dope January 21, 2017

    Wonder if I could do that with a potato cannon. I need a government grant. Oh crap, 0bama’s, already gone.

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