Smoking Meme: Do You Smoke Or Drink Coffee?

If this smoking meme makes you sure of one thing it’s that this guy clearly needs to change his doctor. Who even smokes coffee? What kind of gibberish that doc is talking?

If this smoking meme makes you sure of one thing it's that this guy clearly needs to change his doctor. Who even smokes coffee?

27 thoughts on “Smoking Meme: Do You Smoke Or Drink Coffee?”

  1. More and more American pet owners refuse to have their dogs vaxxed against dangerous and deadly deseases. Yes, right. The antivaxxers are back to f*ck up your life.
    Be gratefull for freedom rabies from your neighbor’s doggy.
    You’ll both be dead but at least fluffy didn’t get autism…

  2. Fluffy is a cat’s name you moron.
    P.S your rant was also that of a moron. Idiot if you don’t
    know what a moron is. Really fu$&ing stupid if you don’t
    know what an idiot is.

  3. Neither, I snort it.

  4. I like to do boiling hot coffee enemas. Taken rectally the caffeine really gives you a jolt.

  5. You stole this from one of my speeches. You will be sued if you
    continue this plagiarism.

  6. @Fluffy
    I may be a moron, but I know what an idiot is. He responded to my post. Fluffy is a name for cats and dogs. Just google it, if you don’t believe me… if you know how to use a search engine. What a failure you are. Unfortunately there is no vaccine against your shrinking brain disease. Only education or a hammer might help. I guess you chose the hammer.

  7. It was satirical. A slam on the Covid jab push. Now that Pfizer has admitted it causes myocarditis in young males, the lawsuits are revving up big time. Employers, Universities anyone who forced people to get the jab is going to lose millions. Not Pfizer though.. that would be crazy right..

  8. No one cares for your fake news. Go home and drink bleach.

  9. I don’t like the facts your state ing and even though I could easily confirm them as true I won’t! And I will wish you dead for state ing them! I don’t want facts. I prefer delusion. And don’t you dare talk about the Earth Shattering News that was just released by Health Canada about the vaccines having Simian Virus 40 in them. That’s just more scientific fact that I will ignore. Who cares if Im now officially a GMO. Stop telling the truth!! Reeeeeee!

  10. … if you need more destruction of your ego.
    (“Debunked” was his name. October 21, 2023)
    Half the truth is also a lie.
    And you seem like a pathological lier to me. You lack self-esteem and try to get some by terrifying people with horror stories and alarming hoaxes. But you lack the intelligence to pull it off. Or you would be someone in the alarmist business.
    Polio vaccines from the 50/60s might have been contaminated with Simian-Virus 40 due to their production method. It’s known for some time. The first report that popped up is from 2004.
    You are also not a GMO because of that. You get a classic infection with a virus that can cause cancer in some individuals. Like many other viruses. In the end all viruses change the DNA of their host. That’s the the nature of viruses and problem. It can go so far that it will be integrated in your genome. The human genome is full of remnants of old pandemic viruses.
    That’s why you shouldn’t eat apes and monkeys, bush meat. But if you did, drink bleach and all will be ok.

  11. Cool post bro. Robust and engaging. Using bleach that causes monkey cancer sounds real serious.

  12. I said it once, I say it twice. Reading skills are not for everyone.

  13. Got bleach?

  14. CLAIM: Vaccines developed for COVID-19 contain a cancer-causing virus DNA found in monkeys.
    AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Public health officials and the lead researcher of a study cited in many of the social media posts say there’s no monkey virus DNA in the inoculations approved by government regulators. Some COVID-19 vaccines utilize DNA molecules derived from Simian Virus 40, but that’s not the same as the virus itself and the molecules aren’t cancer-causing.

  15. AP’s assessment? The same AP that’s been telling you they are “safe and effective” for years now. The major media out lets that have been covering up the deaths and censoring the now proven negative information about these clot shots. The AP that gets 70% of its budget from Pfizer. Come on man..

  16. So many people I know got the vaccine……they are all still alive ….can’t say that about the ones that didn’t get it!

  17. The assessment by AP agrees with the preprint of this study, unlike your “facts.”

  18. According to this moron we all died 2 years ago…

  19. vaccines are real, the virus is the lie…

  20. The best part of being a moron is the multiple wives. Wait, I’m thinking of mormons… nevermind.

  21. Mormans don’t have multiple wives. That’s illegal in the US and a few of them went to prison for it. Now Muslims DO have multiple wives. There’s a guy in New York that has several. One of which is 10 years old. When neighbors complained about the child abuse to the police since that’s illegal in the US, they were threatened with hate crime charges. So.. Mormans should just say they are muslim. You get a free pass then.

  22. Tell us your still alive in 2030 and we’ll say the science was BS. Now go take your new jab. And don’t forget the kid’s.

  23. So, if I get run over by a car or killed in an antivaxxer dronestrike in 2028 the science was BS? You are an idiot.

  24. Don’t want to take our 6 Government Mandated, untested gene therapy jabs… your an antivaxxer! Even though it’s provably not a vaccine, provably doesn’t prevent infection, provably doesn’t prevent the spread and it doesn’t prevent death. So… why are you guy’s taking them over and over? If it’s a vaccine shouldn’t it be one and done? The flu kills more people but they don’t violate the Nuremberg Code to make you take it. Why are they mandated? The Government’s and the manufacturers all agree with the above statements. Never could figure that one out.. but jab on brother. Your body your choice ✊🏿.

  25. Oh, suddenly “my body my choice”. But when women demand their rights you fall back into bronze age mode. Hypocrit.

  26. And he’s still to stupid to understand how a real gene therapy works.

  27. He’s just a clown. 🤡

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