Does It?

14 thoughts on “Does It?”

  1. You spelled “insignificant” wrong.

  2. America is still a baby – like a baby with a gun. Only 300 years old and deciding the fate of the world…. god help us…

  3. yes, it’s small. you don’t show Alaska. :D

  4. A baby with nukes.

  5. Trump has put America on a race to the bottom against North Korea. The only way to win is to lose.

  6. Not as big as Hillary’s back yard, who by the way LOST.

  7. No no no it doesn’t make your Country look Small
    It Makes It Look STUPID !!!

  8. That’s ok. But please not small. That would be a desaster for a society of egomaniacs.

  9. Better going down in flames than going down unseen.

  10. No, but the ass protesting against him does.

  11. Lost by some weird voting system uniquely weird in the world.

  12. But the classics still tell us that the appearance of a butt as large or small is determined by forks, knives and spoons.

  13. No, but the sign does make your mind look small.

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