The Greatest Joke In The History of Mankind

Was that a T-Rex that was just talking to you? Yeah, he just sold me a few handguns. What? Why?! He’s my small arms dealer.

6 thoughts on “The Greatest Joke In The History of Mankind”

  1. It is not nice making jokes about short armed creatures. You must be right wing
    bigots. White also, nobody else could be this incessant. You need a good slap on
    the face boy!

  2. you should see his small hands dealer!

  3. I don’t know anyone who discusses these things in the open especially with an IoT device in their pocket.

  4. Looking at the ladies.. it was probably pie-selling-rex

  5. I’d shake my fist at them in bitter envy, but he bit it off.

  6. Your manny named you correctly.

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