Small Dog Chasing Rhino Meme: Why You Should Drink Less

When you get drunk, you became very brave… or very stupid. Sometimes it’s hard to understand where braveness ends and stupidity starts. This rhino chasing dog was extremely drunk that day. Not gonna happen again. Maybe.

Small dog chasing rhino meme.

26 thoughts on “Small Dog Chasing Rhino Meme: Why You Should Drink Less”

  1. I prefer cocaine.

  2. Orange! Get a life.

  3. Dude don’t discriminate based on skin colour, Orange people have feelings too! Even if their outsides are chewy and bitter, their insides are juicy and moist!

  4. ABC News confirms blacks and Hispanics have turned against Biden. Rut Row Scooby. Looks like Orange Man for the win!

  5. Donald Trump loves Joe Biden. They go to the closet and kiss. On the lips.

  6. Very disappointing, five comments and not even one
    Is worth the read.

  7. You never, never leave your wingman

  8. Rotten Ron. Biden Loves Trump. Good news!

  9. Well today’s a big election day in the US. Will be a big predictor of how the Presidential election will go next year. I mention it only because the only politics ever discussed on here is US politics. I guess people on here just don’t care about their OWN countries future, just the US future. Odd. Sad really. Anyway, just FYI.

  10. Other countries don’t have such a political mess. And people from those which do don’t post here. So, yeah, we are stuck with the American circus for entertainment.

  11. So that’s Kevin McCarthy’s personal trainer.

  12. No politics to discuss in Canada? I get that. It’s a dictatorship. And if you did say something Trudeau’s Gestopo troops would be at your door, you’re bank accounts would be seized and you might even do some jail time. You know that’s true because it happened. It’s still happening. But hey, what’s going on in the US… Orange Man Bad! Think as I think! Believe as I believe! History repeats itself, again.

  13. Ah, a dictatorship. That explains why Canada ranks higher than the USA in the Human Freedom Index.

  14. It’s schizophrenic Canada.

  15. The Freedom Index. Hahahaha! Stop! Your killing me. Next talk about the effectiveness of the UN 🤣

  16. I think eat liver is broken!

  17. I’m Canadian and I just wanna say Justin Trudeau has ruined my life! He legalized weed! Now instead of over priced 15 percent THC sativa, I can only get premium 20 to 30 percent THC sativa from a regulated source. When does this nightmare stop? He then used the carbon tax as a money transfer tool to suck money from the rich and give it to the poor by making everyone pay a carbon tax but then distributing it back to the poor as rebate cheques in greater sums and the rich would receive zero rebates! Oh then get this…he taxed rich people who own yachts and private jets because it’s a lot of co2 for one person to get where they wanna be fast! I just can’t take it anymore!

  18. Sounds like he has done you right. Justine Trudeau seems more and more like a competent leader of the 21st century. The Canadians are lucky people.

  19. Yes. Gunless, over vaccinated, and jailed for any decent. Canada is police state that can seize your bank accounts and jail you for unacceptable views. Basically thought crimes. But I know, I know.. you just love Justine. And Biden. And probably Mao. Keep up the good work comrade.

  20. Thought crimes? Blocking roads for weeks crimes.

  21. That guy needs serious help. He’s delusional. He think all of Canada is after him.
    Yet no one there cares for him. Nor do we here. He’s just repetitive and boring.

  22. Yes.. now let’s comment on the current political crises in Slovenia. We don’t want to talk about Cana… I mean The great and prosperous country of our dear leader Justine. All hail Justine! Don’t stop chanting or you’ll be shot.

  23. Slovenia or Slovakia?

  24. I knew that American doesn’t know the difference. 🤭 Hey, I can smileys too now. 🇪🇺

  25. Either one works to make the point. And it’s a solid point. Project your hate some place that will accomplish something. The US is over. Try to save our country. For once.

  26. US misery is boring. Let them suffer for themselves.

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