Sleeping At Work: How To Not Get Fired

If you ever get caught sleeping at work... just slowly raise your head and say "In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!"

18 thoughts on “Sleeping At Work: How To Not Get Fired”

  1. Atheists would love to use this trick, but they smell funny and everyone hates them.

  2. Religion doesn’t belong in a work place. Don’t matter if it is islam, christendom, buddhism, jewdom, the spaghetti monster, or animephilia or what ever. Leave your fantasy god(s) at home, they won’t help you shovelling coal anyways.

  3. That assures you will be fired. Being BIPOC will buy you some intersectionality but not much in this instance. You may even get a visit from us.

  4. Sounds like frustration because you would be so easy to fool. Well, you are a theist, that makes you a fool by definition.

  5. Rightard not getting the point – again.

  6. That’s discrimination, as long as the discriminated person ist Christian and white.

  7. That’s not a very Christian attitude OP.

  8. What’s the janitor have to do with you sleepin’ on the job?

  9. You must be great on klan meetings.

  10. If you think that was funny think again. Or google for a therapist.

  11. if people get offended why eat liver?

  12. We are both Atheists, I just believe in one less god than you do.

  13. Vitamins.

  14. Sure, they can’t get enough of my potato salad. The secret ingredient is hate

  15. I don’t know about you, guys. But the God I don’t believe in is much more better than yours. You should convert.

  16. Why would i want to google clinton?

  17. Because a search for Trump and other GOPigs is to easy?

  18. Does not help if you snore.

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