How Not To Get Fired



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  1. Does not work here. We have a dedicated room for praying, BYOC style.

  2. Good for 'nutten sleepy head in accounting January 2, 2018

    This would get you castrated then killed as where I work it’s populated by Mohammedans and SJW’s. The dot heads and chicoms will leave you alone but they won’t help you in the ensuing violence.

    • So you hate everyone in your workplace?

    • HR Policy Ombudsman January 3, 2018

      I think what Mr(s) GFNSHEA is saying is if he followed the Landlords directions he would suffer acts of hate, mutilation and death. He identifies the two groups of high probability they may implement this activity. While he appreciates that the Chinese from the mainland and Indians may not participate is this activity, which I am sure he appreciates, they are unlikely to help him should he do as instructed by the Landlord.

      Thank you Mr cafcaf for your concern

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