There Are No Monsters In The Closet


The real monsters are hidden among us, members of the community. Even your own family can cause unspeakable psychological damage. Sleep well now.


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  1. Justine Trudeau is a monster. Causing unspeakable psychological damage to children with the constant masking and refusing to follow the science.

    • The boy is lucky he’s a boy. Otherwise he wouldn’t be safe from pu**y grabbling Trump.

    • Pu**ywise Trump

    • The orange clown.

    • Islam is right about women.

    • Wuhan!GotYouAllInfected February 10, 2022

      The “monster in the closet” is the new name for The Vaccine’s side effects (formerly known as Long Covid)
      It is an undeniable fact that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” have triggered a massive uptick in illnesses and injuries throughout America’s armed forces, and all the Pentagon can do is lie about it.

      Rather than show concern for the brave men and women who are risking their lives in our country’s military, the Pentagon is now fudging the numbers in earlier iterations of its Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) health surveillance system to make the 2021 data appear less drastic.

      As we reported, the DMED shows astounding increases in everything from myocarditis to brain injuries to cancer among servicemen who got jabbed for the Fauci Flu.
      The numbers are so shocking that there is simply no way to spin them, which is why the Pentagon decided to add fake injuries and illnesses to previous years’ data.

      “There is undoubtedly a public health and national security crisis in the military, and the Pentagon’s reaction only seems to be concerned with exonerating the vaccine, not fixing its own alleged problem,” reported The Blaze.

      “It’s now certain that the military’s health surveillance system – DMED – showed a massive increase in sickness and injury diagnoses in 2021 over previous years, particularly in the neurological, cardiovascular, oncological, and reproductive health categories.”

      Pentagon says spike in covid jab injuries, deaths is just a “glitch”
      In a terse and rather cryptic statement to PolitiFact, the American military claimed that the DMED data from prior years represents only a “fraction” of the true data, the suggestion being that vaccine injuries were more common in the past than the data suggests.

      As for the 2021 data, a Pentagon spokesman further claimed that a “glitch in the database” resulted in far more injuries and deaths being reported than actually occurred.

      These are convenient, though nonsensical, excuses. They far too easily explain away two different alleged data anomalies that supposedly occurred at the very same time to falsely convey that the jabs are unsafe and ineffective.

      Since the Pentagon wants everyone to believe that the jabs are safe and effective, it has no other choice but to lie to the American public. And since the general population is now so dumbed down, millions of people will not even think twice about the unlikelihood that what the Pentagon is saying is in any way true.

      It turns out that the Pentagon is now adding random numbers to the DMED codes for the years 2016 through 2020. Two whistleblowers told The Blaze‘s Daniel Horowitz that the Pentagon is actively tampering with the data to push a false narrative.

      “I’m told by Renz and two of the whistleblowers that throughout the past week, they have queried the same data again, and in most of the ICD categories, they have found that the numbers from 2016 through 2020 were ‘increased’ exponentially to look as though 2021 was not an abnormal year,” Horowitz writes.

      “This has been done without any transparency, any press release, any statement of narrative, and sloppily in a way that makes the already unbelievable narrative simply impossible to believe.”

      What makes the Pentagon’s claims even more unbelievable is the fact that the military-industrial complex entity supposedly found these anomalies and glitches at the exact same time that attorney Thomas Renz discovered them – how convenient!

      “A five-year mistake fixed overnight!” Horowitz joked about how stupid the Pentagon apparently believes that Americans are to fall for this obvious sleight-of-hand.

      Z-Stack 1
      “They are only concerned with downplaying any potential culpability of the vaccine, not explaining how they were flying blind, according to their official narrative, on such an important endeavor for so many years.”

      To keep up with the latest news about the government’s plandemic lies, be sure to check out

    • The rules in Islam do not differ much from those for women in Christianity. The reason women are so more free in western societies is not thanks to the bible but secular reforms.

    • @Wuhan!GotYouAllInfected
      The longer your posts get the less credible they are. Instead they show signs of addiction. Addiction to conspiracy narratives. It’s the same as drug addiction but with this your brain produces its own drugs. Everytime you write your posts you get high on endophines. You feel chosen und enlightened. But you are in a constant turning wheel of echo chamber highs and withdrawal. Your posts have to be longer and longer and the conspiracies more radical to feed your brain’s greed for next dose.
      It’s hard to get out of your addiction. But there is help. Good luck.

  2. What? A Monomaniac! February 9, 2022

    Thank God, then, that Trudeau and the Scientists are in charge while you impotent dribblers can only harass inoffensive strangers on backwater internet sites.

    Not to worry, though, with your obstinate neglect of basic health measures the virus will carry you off before long.

    “Carry you off” is a colloquialism ( you can look it up! ) meaning that you will die. Of COVID-19. In a hospital overflowing with unmasked goobers like yourself.

    Try not to take too many innocent people with you, ya’ psychopath.

    • Right.. so now 2 years in, if what you say is true, wouldn’t all the unvaxxed be dead by now? What about natural immunity which has been scientifically proven to be better then the mystery vax. Your exaggerated fear of death from a virus with a 99.8% survival rate only shows that you’ve been brain washed. You are now the fringe minority. Hows that feel?

    • Actually, it hasn’t. Vaxxination works better than natural immunity. Get the real numbers. Not the fake ones.
      Most people – THE MAJORITY – are vaxxinated, halfwit. You a still the moronic unvaxxinated minority.
      Too stupid to rant.

  3. Loudoun County VA School Board February 9, 2022

    Landlord, you have discovered our plans. Merrick B. Garland is our personal friends. Agents have been dispatched.

  4. What the flying f–k is wrong with you people!

    Are your lives so empty and joyless that you can’t simply enjoy a humourous comment for what it is but have to twist it into your own moronic sermon on everyone else’s life.

    Is there nothing that lives in your brains except for vitriol, doubt, suspicion and stupidity?

    I pity you all.

    • Rheeeeeee!

    • Everyone knows the purpose of this site. Stop pretending you don’t.

    • You saying it without evidence doesn’t make it true. Try to call them racist or homophobic or sexist or anti-trans. Use one of those meaningless Leftist words. That’s all you have.

    • Meaningless to you because you have no moral center. You are just a tool.

  5. The monsters are indeed outside. Protesting against live saving medicine.
    Q:”Mommy, why did Grandpa and Grandma had to die?”
    A:”Because we don’t care about others, you little sh*t. Now shut up and drink your radioactive zodiacal essential oil mix against the 5G rays. I read it on facebook and that blonde woman on Fox recommended it. Must be good. Later we’ll pray for president Trump and send him nudes of your sister for luck.”

    • Do the the vaccines stop the spread of Covid? Nope
      Does the vaccine prevent you from contracting Covid? Nope
      Does the vaccine prevent hospitalization and death from Covid? We don’t know. Many vaccinated and unvaccinated people have died from Covid. Many unvaccinated people got Covid and recovered or had no symptoms. If a vaccinated person gets Covid and recovers or has no symptoms there is no way of telling weather they would have recovered without the vaccine. They have collected no real data on that and freely admit that. They just don’t know. It’s only been around for a year. If you have 3 or 4 comorbiities your in trouble weather your vaccinated or not. That they freely admit also.
      All this boils down to one simple question. Who owns your body? Is it my body my choice or does the Government own your body and do they have the right to force you to take experimental gene therapy. That is it in a nut shell and everything else is just gaslighting and hyperbolic nonsense. Just make your choice and move on with your life. It’s not that hard.

    • All woke false claims. Go home.

    • U.G. Lee-Shivers February 11, 2022

      Haha, NO ONE wants to own YOUR body.

    • Antivaxxerbrainlogic February 11, 2022

      *lol* People survived car accidents without seatbelts. Seatbelts don’t work!

    • This is ALL accurate information. Facts sting but facts are facts. Lets try to at least pretend to be intellectually honest. Know that’s a big ask for the Leftist but at least TRY.

    • The data from the hospitals prove you wrong: the unvaccinated are over-represented in the ICUs and the morgues.

    • They try this lie all the time. Even though their friends are dying there. Shows what kind of people antivaxxers are.

  6. Don’t worry Hunter, the monster is just paying his respects.
    Your daddy is their king after all…

  7. Lets see you hospital data

  8. Still waiting for that published hospital data but not holding my breath. The Leftist make it so easy now. Reeee! isn’t a rational, reasoned argument and thats all we get. The DOD data is available and it shows the true effects of the vaccines. Read it yourself.

    • You still didn’t read the real hospital data freely available online. The Rightard makes it so easy for himself. Just ignore the facts.

    • Show us your deadly “published hospital data”. Post a link NOW or shut up forever.

    • Found facts about his DOD data. Seems he is still in 2021.

    • He can’t respond to facts. Familiarize yourself with Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theories about stupidity and you will understand why. The antivaxxers are the same that enabled the nazis who killed him.

    • Wait… what? The Jews were enablers of their own deaths? I think the vaccine knocks 10 or 20 points off people’s IQs. Must suck to realize your a GMO now.

    • You really think you are like jews, do you? Guess again. Hint: You are not the Jews.

    • The Nazis did the same. First they depicted themselves as the victims, then they began killing those who questioned them.
      Antivaxxers are still in phase 1 – but soon…

  9. The CDC website shows data on “rates of covid cases and deaths by vaccination status.”

    • Whatever you say. Enjoy your AIDS. We promise not to gloat when you guys start dying in the years ahead. Just keep taking those jabs.

    • If you only knew how AIDS works. But hey, the parole is enough for you. #brainless

  10. Just googled “rates of covid cases and deaths by vaccination status” and the graph shows the unvaccinated dying like flies while the vaccinated are quite safe and stable in numbers. Boosted are the total winners. Antivaxxer fail.

  11. The CDC… Google.. haha 😂. Why don’t you just ask Mini Mingala Fauci. He never lies. Or maybe the NIH or China 😂🤣

    • Sure, all the experts the world over are wrong.

    • In sum they studied many lifetimes but a crooked businessman with a failed career in entertainment knows better. But he’s is as confident as he is wrong. That’s explained in the theory of stupidity.

  12. Just keep taking your forced injections. But don’t ask what’s in it or Justine will empty your bank accounts. Sheep are gonna sheep I guess.

    • Justine can’t get my money and I welcomed the vaccines. Two things done right you couldn’t. Sad.

    • Justine can’t take your money as long as you shut up and except him as Dictator for Life. As for you accepting your forced vaccinations, well.. hope your gamble pays off. You GMOs should form a club or something.

    • I’ll remind you of your posts once he get elected out of office.

  13. Elected out of office..? obviously you are not a credible source of information.

    • No, I’m not FOX news, sorry. *lol*

    • Wish Biden would get elected out of office, whatever getting elected out of office means. Wish he had never been elected to office and 70% of Americans agree. Bet Trudeau’s numbers are worse.

    • So you admit the election was no fraud. Ok. Best comment in month. Maybe there is hope for you. Maybe you can become a normal person again if you get rid of that rightard brainwashing. Good luck – sincerely.

  14. No, ive always believed that Joe Biden got 80 million vote. More then Obama got. How could he not, he’s obviously a political genius. Just look at the great job he did in Afghanistan. So what if he left 5000 American citizens there. He’s GREAT! Can’t wait to see how the fake war with Russia turns out. A master politician for sure.

    • It was Trump’s plan to retreat from Afghanistan. Everything was already in motion when Biden became president. He’s hardly to blame. Trump left him a turd and he had to pick it up. A turd is still a turd no matter who holds it.
      A war will be far from fake. Pootin wants control over Europe. He’s doing the exact same thing Hitler did. Back then the Allies retreated and gave Hitler way to invade Eastern Europe. If NATO stays strong Pootin can’t do nothing. True, their military is strong in numbers, but Russia’s economy is basicly broke without oil and gas exports and the population is in bad shape. There aren’t even that much Russians in relation to the size of the country. Same as Germany wasn’t big and had not much resources for their war machine. They needed to plunder it from conquered countries. Russia seems strong but it is hollow. And even Pootin does not want to use his nuclear arsenal. He’s not a dumb man. Nuked lands are worthless. And he knows Biden is not as dumb as Trump was. He says Russia is afraid NATO might attack them if the Ukraine becomes a member. That’s nonsense. NATO is a defense alliance not an attack force. If you attack a member the others will come for aid. That’s why he is afraid the countries around Russia could become members. No chance for “making Russia great again”.
      NATO even offered Russia to become a member once after the Cold War. But they refused.
      If they give him one finger he’ll take the whole arm first and later the rest.

  15. You Sir, know nothing of the true history of which you speak. This is Iraq 2.0. A distraction from China having gained some control in Argentina. A country in the same hemisphere as the US. A distraction from how China Joe and the Left continue to destroy their own country. Why do you think the US is funding and arming the Ukrainian Separatist. CIA committing false flag events. The usual play book. Nothings going to happen there that the US doesn’t WANT to happen. We’ve seen this movie.

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