Doctor, I Swallowed a Pen

Well, sit down and write your name.

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  1. I have greatly enjoyed watching the videos from London’s Anti Lockdown Protest. So many thousands of people. And it made me wonder… judging from the post I’ve read, many on this site wish ALL those people dead. All over a virus that’s far less concerning then the Hong Kong flu of 1968. If you truly cannot see the way this pandemic is being used by the globalists to grab more power for themselves then… you are cooperating with Your own enslavement.

  2. Watching the peaceful protesters being arrested in London was a prime example of the above post. Also making it illegal to film and share video of violent police officers smashing in people’s heads would be yet another.

  3. You are dumb. “many on this site wish ALL those people dead”. Those protesters wish themselves and others dead.

  4. Endangering others with pointless protests – viruses don’t care about your protest – should be a criminal offense. It’s basicly spreading the plague with intent.

  5. Right… we need to give up all our freedoms because people are dying by the 0.00003. You can’t fix stupid. Welcome to the mind of the people who are bringing you the Great Reset.

  6. Giving up your freedom? To kill people? We are talking about temporary measures to prevent the spread of a deadly sickness. But I guess guess it’s a lack of freedom for some people that the law forbids driving your SUV over pedestrians.
    “That car is totally capable to drive on the sidewalk but it’s forbidden! Fascism!”
    “But you would kill pedestrians!”
    “Only 0.3%.”
    “Oh, then go ahead, Sir. Godspeed!”
    It’s around 0.3%, not your fake 0.00003 numbers. And don’t forget many survive it but suffer neurological damage. Which is not a threat for you personally though. We know.

  7. Far more people die in traffic accidents then with the virus. If we used your anti logic we’d have to ban road transport all together. But we don’t. Because we accept the risk and the cost in lives. More people are dying because of the lock downs then the virus. The social and economic cost of these lock downs is incalculable and the reasons for the lock downs have little to do with the virus. 80% of cases come from the home. They know that, it’s why your home. The virus isn’t going anywhere. But go you go ahead. Lock down, mask up. Line up for your Government injection. Thats your right. But the people on the streets in London and all over the world have the right to NOT do that. Welcome to a free society. And you should consider selling your SUV. But it’s your right to drive one. I, unlike yourself, don’t force my opinions on people. The Left, ideas so good they have to be mandated. Right?

  8. Driving a car is rather neccessary for many people. Having a virus is rather not. You fail.

  9. More people killed themselves in Japan last month then the Covid virus has killed there in all of 2020. Fact. Google it. Lock downs kill more people then Covid ever will. Now add more deaths due to economic destruction to the mix. It’s the people who support the lock downs that are killing people. Odd how facts can switch things around on you.

  10. I see no switch. All I see is whataboutism. And connecting loose facts doesn’t produce real relations. Japan always had a high rate of suicide.
    If people like you wouldn’t break lockdowns and the restriction one lockdown would have been enough to stop the virus. Many of these people could still be alive. But covidiots killed them for their “freedoms”. Only because they had to have a vacation at all costs in 2020, or are to lazy to brush their teeth. Most people don’t want to wear a mask because they smoke or lack mouth hygiene.

  11. Well the globalists and big governments wouldn’t be passing any new rules if everyone actually valued each other and wore masks to protect each other.

    “Love thy neighbor” Maybe Christians ought to be listening to the good book instead of angry tweets.

  12. Right. Viruses don’t care about thanksgiving, black friday and church either. Those are spreading the plague too. What about the protesters in my home town that are gathered in groups and yelling about mask requirements?

    If spreading is a criminal offense, Can we start arresting them now? Waiting for them to finally do the right thing hasn’t been working out.

  13. Well the hospitals are now full in many states, so it’s going to go up to 5 or 10%. Won’t it be cool when we run out of room at the morgue?

    “Give up all our freedoms” ? If we all just wore a mask because we cared about each other, then they wouldn’t be passing any new laws.

    After 9-11 – “We’ve got to stick together no matter what. 3 thousand people died! Never forget!!! ”

    After covid – “Masks are uncomfortable! It’s ONLY a quarter of a million Americans dead. Who cares? You can’t force me to do the right thing!”

  14. Haha.

    Funny comparison. Yeah, in Japan, when a serious virus comes around, they all wear masks all the time, and the virus goes away. Crazy idea huh?

    In Wuhan China, were it started, they had serious lockdowns, they tested evvverrrryone, and they’ve got down to zero cases per day. ZERO. They are all back to normal now. China’s economy grew this year.

  15. A quarter of a million people have died in America, and you are searching for stats about a country on the other side of the planet so you can feel better about it?

    Masks didn’t kill those people. Folks with attitudes like you did. Don’t search for excuses. Search for a reason to start giving a crap about your fellow Americans and wear a mask. If we don’t help each other out, we’ll be at half a million before spring.

  16. And corona is far more dangerous than driving a car.

  17. Wow. Sounds like you’re all guzzling the kool aid. Sad. When all your and your children’s freedoms are gone, remember YOU let them be taken. For 0.003.

  18. Hey no problem. I told my kids we were wearing masks to protect grandma. They understood, and we do it all the time now, even when there isn’t a local ordinance about it.

    Kids get it. Why don’t all adults?

    There doesn’t have to be any sort of big government taking rights away, just people who act like they care if their actions could end up killing someone. Why don’t you care?

  19. Exactly! I’m glad someone here gets it.

    Personally, I’m going to drive 100 through every school zone, even when the lights are flashing. I suppose someone may die someday, but that’s not the important thing, the important thing is ME, ME, ME and my freedom.

  20. Yeah I googled it.
    2087 people died of covid IN ALL OF 2020!
    2135 people committed suicide all year.
    So Japan has a total of 4,200 people die ALL YEAR, and in the USA we currently have more people dying from Covid EVERY THREE DAYS. ( 1,500 daily now and getting worse)

    Odd how facts can switch things around on you. Folks like you are helping to cause all this death. Hope you’re proud.

  21. When the Spanish Flu hit in 1918, there were anti mask people just like you. They were screaming about losing their rights forever too. Turns out that’s a non-issue. Mask laws will come and go, it’s how many people have to die in the meantime that matters.

  22. Spanish Flu?! What a racist. That’s like calling this current flu the China Virus. More people people died from bacterial infections from wearing masks in the 1918 outbreak then died from flu. Fact. Ask Dr. Fachi, he helped write the paper. You are well conditioned people. Your rulers can do as they see fit because your sheep and believe and do everything your told. I thought it would take longer to destroy Western Civilization in Europe but, I guess I gave you folks to much credit based on your strong history of the protection of individual freedoms. I’m not sad or disappointed, just a bit surprised. Go luck.

  23. Enjoy your Government Injections.

  24. A historically more accurate name would be the USA flu, as that is where is was first detected. But the hard lessons on social distancing and masks learned at that time are lost on Americans in the ‘information age’.

  25. The USA flu hahaha. Say hi to Xi. Thought they hired smarter people. Guess not.

  26. If you could read you would know what they are talking about. A hint: It’s not Covid-19. Fail.

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