Sisyphus Meme: Are You Familiar With Syphilis?

This Sisyphus meme shows what happens when you don’t listen at school and spend all your time looking at dumb TikTok dances instead.

Doctor: Are you familiar with syphilis? Patient: Who cares about some guy pushing a rock, what did the test say?

14 thoughts on “Sisyphus Meme: Are You Familiar With Syphilis?”

  1. And we wonder why so many people contact an SDT.

  2. You mean contract and STD? No, we don’t. We don’t wonder at all.

  3. So wait.. both these comments need grammar Nazis to fix them. Where are these pedantic bastards when you need them!

  4. Your grammer can’t fix stupid with extremist political leanings and hard candy… 👵🍬

  5. It’s STD not SDT, contract not contact, an not and, those not these and finally it’s grammar not grammer! How’d I do?

  6. You deserve a happy face.
    Now go out and celebrate.

  7. Volksverhetzung. Staatsanwaltschaft is informed.

  8. Grammer is good. Grammer makes good tractor seats. The male in my household bought one for 1k, I like it.

  9. Excellent! Grammar police for the win. We all learn stuff here, for once.

  10. Thanks for covering for me while I was away.

  11. It’s STI…no longer STD. Ask your mom.

  12. What does the I stand for?

  13. Insignificance. He transmits his insignificance.

  14. I guessed infection. Maybe I misunderstood.

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