And They Say Being a Doctor Is Hard…



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  1. US healthcare system in a nutshell.

  2. That joke was old when I was young.

  3. Zombie patient April 20, 2017

    Some of them doctors have to go to school 8 or 10 years to learn stuff like that.

  4. Unknown origin April 20, 2017

    I don’t understand. I’m British and our healthcare is free for everybody.

    • Free&FakeAmerican April 20, 2017

      US healthcare system is sick.

    • Prince Leo April 21, 2017

      If by free you mean you pay higher taxes for worse health care, then yes.

    • If we wait long enough, you'll die April 21, 2017

      The NHS is well known for it’s efficiency. /s

    • Prince Leo April 21, 2017

      Yeah, right… A public service as good as private service…

  5. Prince Leo April 21, 2017

    I live in US, I’ve s private health care, and I’ve a better health care than anyone in Europe with their expensive free health care.

  6. Doc, it hurts when I breathe.
    Stop breathe, etc…..

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