American Healthcare System In a Nutshell


Doc, it hurts when I touch my shoulder...


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  1. Funny and sad at the same time

  2. Dr.Detroit 🚑 September 2, 2019

    Of course it’s the US. Notice he’s actually seeing a doctor rather than dying on a waiting list. And that $6K is what the doctor has to bill medicare and/or the insurance companies in or to actually see anything approaching the $200 the office visit is worth. Of course you left off the part where the doctor unnecessarily prescribes him enough Oxycontin to down a dozen bull elephants, before leaving for a free high-class lunch with the drug rep.

    • Yet another republican proudly displaying his ignorance. The ‘stupid’ socialist countries with their national health insurances (Europe, Canada) have a higher life expectancy than the USA at lower costs and with fewer opiod prescriptions — they must be doing something wrong.

    • While even African “sh*thole”-countries see a higher life expenctancy every year that of the U.S.A is actually decreasing for a quite a time now.
      You’ll make America great again. By housing less people. Look at all those empty houses in Detroit. Smart plan.
      Now that all the prisons are already full to the brim and locking away half the citizens didn’t work the only solution seems genocide on the own population.

  3. Don’t worry. Any day now the Republicans will come up with a plan and pass something better than Obamacare. After all, for 8 years they told us it was the worst bill in history, so surely it can’t be that hard to improve on.
    ha ha. Just kidding. Actions speak louder than words. They are incompetent liars.

    • Yes, Obamacare has been such a blessing. Health care and health insurance is SO much more affordable now than it was prior to its passing. Even fast food workers can now get health insurance, with a $5000 deductible, for just $1000 a month. Too bad they can’t work more than 29 hours a week, though, so that they have to have two jobs just to get forty hours a week. Another brilliant innovation brought to us courtesy of the excellence of Obamacare.

    • Depends on the state you live in. If there are many people like you in your state, the less fortunate (and you can be one of them in the future) are screwed.

    • @BIgR
      So if Obamacare is so terrible, why hasn’t the GOP done anything? They did make it worse in a lot of states, does that count as something?

      The GOP has either been lying to you (it’s not as bad as they say) OR they are incompetent. Which do you think it is? I think it’s both. SwampKing 2020

    • The weatherman September 5, 2019

      Mr Sharpie is worse than an incompetent liar, he is a total disaster.

  4. Uk freehealthcare in a nutshell: have a serious problem with my tonsils. Ask to see a doctor, get a nurse instead after a 2 week wait. She doesn’t take a bacterial swap, doesn’t check my ears or my glands. Tells me to see a dentist. Ask for a consultancy, she refuses says she wont refer me. I demand a letter of consultation, she tells me that they wont do free tonsilectomies, unless i’m ill with tonsilitus at least 20-30 times a year, and each time i have problems, I must take a day off work to go and see them to prove that i’m having problems.

    I demand a letter of consultation for private operation. They reluctantly say yes and I go to have a private consultation. They say it’s serious, I get the operation 3 weeks later. After my painful recovery they do a cellular pathology on the removed tonsils which shows that it’s a really dangerous type of bacteria which, if spread could enter the brain and cause serious health complications.

    Not saying America is better, but here in the UK, doctors surgeries are cash cows, they want you on their list to get paid for having you on this list, but if you actually have anything whatsoever wrong with you, you could literally die waiting for treatment.

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