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  1. I don’t get it

  2. Dinos: at least 65 milllion years ago.
    old testament: claims at some point earth was created ~6000 years ago.

    the real issue would if he chased away neandertal or similar age early humans.

    basically: creationist vs. evolution

  3. Simon "The Rock" Peter October 13, 2021

    Dinosaurs didn’t fit on Noah’s ark. They were on the other ship; the one struck by a meteor and sank.

  4. Haha. Now let’s do Mohammad flying to the moon on a human/horse hybrid cause that HAS to be true right?

  5. The usual anti Christian anti American BS from the China Bots. Yawn

    • I’m not a bot. I’m not even from China.

    • Maybe christian and american just suck at the moment. You don’t need china for that. China itself sucks too.

    • American Christians don’t even act like Christians anymore. Love thy neighbor, help the poor, etc. etc.

      It would probably help if they didn’t follow republicans. The two philosophies are not compatible anymore.

    • True Christians would not vote for the Republican Party. I think they have a Satanic party or church over there in the USA. I think this is only satire. But I am sure the Devil is in control of the Republican Party.

    • You can’t prove whether or not god or Satan exist, but it’s pretty easy to tell if people are following what the bible says you are supposed to do.

    • Why follow the bible if god doesn’t exist? And who knows. Maybe Satan wrote it and god doesn’t give a sh*t.

  6. Hard to do in the US with the Godless Left in control.

    • Nor left or right in the US are on God’s side. The left ignore him, the right warps his word to perversion.
      I must say if I were God I would prefer those who ignore me…..

  7. Abortion, Gay Marriage, the KKK, Antifa, BLM, LGBQXYZ, Men destroying women and girls sports, teaching 8 year old about pedo crap. ALL Left wing ideologies. Wonder which party God would favor if he did such things as favor.

    • Those ideologies are harmless.
      Abortion can save lifes. What about the right to decide about your own body? Does this only apply to right wing men refusing to wear mask and who afraid of little needles?
      Gay marriage doesn’t hurt anyone. Two people happy. No impact on society except a tax paying household.
      KKK is full under GP control now. It shifted many decades ago to the conservatives. Great Trump fans. Antifa is a result of unrestrained capitalism. You can’t have one without the other. Each force results ina counterforce. An universal law.
      BLM is a result of Americas racist politics and culture. You can’t blame them for righting back. – Oh, sure you can.
      LGBQXYZ doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s just your pride that they prefer another se* than yours. It’s not you – no, it’s you.
      Teaching children about right wing molesters and rapists is important. Sooner or later they will be confronted with a perverted conservatist. Maybe at church. As the GOP prefers them to roam free in the country, even taking one of them as their leaders, the children have to protect themselves.
      Right wing ideologies kill people. Like that police man on January 6. Right wing men destroy women. They cut off carreers, molest, rape and kill women because they feel entitled to. Trump the p**sygrabber is their icon. Little men with big guns.

  8. Why can’t this be upvoted? China bot propaganda site anyone. Sad.


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