Sheep Pun: All You Do Is Boss Me Around

Sheep puns are simply the best! They are un-baaaa-lievably funny, they wool never get old, and they always have a shear-ious impact.

Sheep puns are the best.

15 thoughts on “Sheep Pun: All You Do Is Boss Me Around”

  1. Dad jokes – you can’t beat them!

  2. It’s called “puns” not “dad jokes”, you effin fetuses.

  3. Most people need to be bossed around, if not they would stand
    there looking stupid wondering what to do.

  4. Like Biden does.. Daily!

  5. Where did all the comments go? No obvious censorship here. Just fair and balanced. Hahaha. What a trash site.

  6. If I place a “vote Trudeau” sign in your garden and you remove it, that is censorship?

  7. Of course not. You can’t win against his rightarded double standards. 😂

  8. What did ewe say?

    Why miss the opportunity for a pun?

  9. I’m a Canadian and I’m very concerned about the elections in Indonesia. I’m going to post the names of the people I think they should vote for even though I don’t live there. I’m just that amazing. Also I’m going to crap all over anyone who doesn’t vote for my candidates. Because you don’t have to live, work or even know that much about a country to choose who the people who live and work there should vote for.

  10. Canada is a free country afaik. You are allowed to do so. Don’t know about Indonesia. Do they have enough guns per capita, fake freedom and orange apes for you to vote?

  11. Well in Indonesia you don’t go to jail for Facebook posts. Nor can the Government freeze your bank accounts if you donate to a political movement that Socks disagrees with. Canada is not a free country anymore. Everyone knows that. How can you not?

  12. Canada still scores higher in freedom indices than the US, both trailing many European countries.

  13. US has fake freedom. You have to buy it. No money, no freedom.

  14. From a legal firm’s web page: “While some people might believe they have a First Amendment right to say anything they want online, they don’t. If you threaten harm to someone in a Tweet, on Facebook or anywhere else on social media, you could face felony charges of cyberstalking. […] In addition to facing state charges, you could well attract the attention of the FBI and end up spending as much as five years in federal prison. Threatening someone on social media or through text or email is a federal crime.”

  15. Don’t forget slander. It’s also not the right to slander anyone you want. But when did conservative ever care for the law? Except if they can pervert it in their favor.

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