Sheepdog Dadjoke

He must have puppies. He's obviously a dad.

6 thoughts on “Sheepdog Dadjoke”

  1. I count 12 sheep.

  2. It is behind the sheep in the middle Row, second from the right. Either that, or that one has an unuasal amount of legs

  3. It’s photo shopped, not that it matters. Look at the second sheep in with the spot. It’s not real. Kind of like this sites comment section. They censor out anything not to their liking. An artificial world like the one the internet oligarchs are creating in the real world. Yaa Leftists! Way to go you guys! Or girls, or wait… there are no men or women… biological sex doesn’t exist… wait, I had this all written down on index cards.. They, them, wolfkin or was it snailkin… Heavy sigh. Never mind.

  4. Got to ten and fell asleep. See it does work

  5. Whoever made this has no clue about perspective.

  6. I’ll would tell you an important and timely tale of perspective but I got stabbed today. Sorry.

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