Selling Flowers With No Advertising: Bad Idea

It’s a honest mistake. Who sells flowers with zero advertising – not even telling about it your significant other? The poor guy is not the one to blame in this situation.

Your wife says you never buy her flowers. Is that true? To be honest, I never knew she sold flowers.

12 thoughts on “Selling Flowers With No Advertising: Bad Idea”

  1. Why did you think she’s always picking flowers… 💩💩💩💩💩

  2. Why do you think we do not recognize the double posts?
    What will be next? Starting over with Christopher Robin again?

  3. Make sure her prices are competitive. Family is no excuses for picking
    your pockets.

  4. Make sure any money you do make goes to Zelinski. He’s low on coke.

  5. Between 90% and 95% of the money for weapons send to Ukraine stay in the US for manufacturer companies and American workers.
    Of course the radical Republicans don’t want that. 1st they don’t want to poor or middle class to gain any wealth. Second they are still on the Kremlin payroll. Without Putin their extra money in offshore accounts aside from what they steal from the American pax tayer would be gone.
    If Ukraine wins, America wins.

  6. Stay of the shrooms dude.

  7. Right. Give the US to Pootin. Now. – The Republican Party

  8. Again, you need to set the drugs down for a while.

  9. He fled Canada because it’s easier to get drugs in the U.S. They are eating his Trudeau fetish brain.

  10. “We”, because there was a group of us, fled Canada because Trudeau went power crazy during the Covid out break. Forcing people to take an experimental gene therapy which violated the Nuremberg Code. Locking up people for Facebook posts, arresting clergymen and not allowing people to leave the country unless they submitted to his will. We go back often. Spent the holidays with family there. Own homes etc.. Renting them for now. Some have returned, but I won’t return permanently until he’s out of power. Besides, the US is great! I’m being paid 30% more for the same job and pay no taxes to Socks. It’s my right to do so. Don’t get why that upsets people. You seem to get mad at people who bash the US 24/7. Odd.

  11. As I said, brain eaten.

  12. Canadians don’t like Americans. We get it. But having lived and worked here in the US I can tell you that Americans don’t hate Canadians. They are considered kind honest people who are ruled over by a sad little Marxist. Much like they are in the US. When I share this site and the endless hate with my American friends, they are shocked. As they should be. One guy who lives on 4chan sent several post out showing the hatred to a group of people on 4 chan. He said it upset some of them greatly or words to that effect. Weaponized autism is a pretty frightening thing I’ve heard.

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