Selfies With Homeless People Is a New Disgusting Trend

Because what better way is there of showing compassion for those less fortunate, than by sneakily photographing them over your shoulder as you beam into the lens of your smartphone? It looks like this kind of repulsive behaviour is especially popular in Russia. If you get angry by viewing this gallery, consider donating to help homeless shelters.

28 thoughts on “Selfies With Homeless People Is a New Disgusting Trend”

  1. Even worse than funeral selfies and one more reason I’m glad I chose not to procreate.

  2. And yes, people shelters will be getting some of my annual animal shelter budget this year.

  3. I thought you already had kids
    Email me if you need therapy sessions

  4. And there I thought that people like you (RealRattus) should procreate for a change in order to have some sanity on this planet in the future, too.

  5. @anteater, I genuinely could not live with the idea of throwing someone I would likely love into this world as it was, and worse, as it’s becoming.

  6. I can truly understand that! Have no kids myself.

  7. Low lives. And i’m not talking about the figures on the ground.

  8. Me neither. We decided the world is too ****** up for a child.

  9. My kids are taking selfies in one of the pics

  10. It’s refreshing knowing snowflakes aren’t reproducing

  11. Selfish little bastards. Let’s hope they all lose everything when the Revolution comes

  12. Life is long. They’re time will come.

  13. David Duchovny’s fallen on hard times, then. #9

  14. Every week you post something bad about Russia. But they are mostly teens, and that’s why silly yet. Teenagers are the same all around the world

  15. Republicans celebrating the effects of tax cuts.

  16. Yes, it’s a known fact that the more intelligent tend to reproduce less than those lower on the IQ scale. So congrats, I guess, conservatives – eventually the world will be yours.

  17. 1. say it’s bad because MORAL HIGH GROUND
    2.make a gallery of it on your web page

  18. economic inculture, you have it.

  19. human pieces of filth, dox them

  20. If these appalling pictures inspire one person to help the less fortunate, one person to swear off procreation, and one person to self-examine with a wee bit more gravity, then the horrifying display was worth it.

  21. I was homeless for a while after getting out of jail. I went to the local authority who offered me a temporary place in a shelter. Eventually I was offered an apartment. I then got a job, worked hard, got a promotion and now have my own place.

    I am not offended by this – get a sense of humour people. Stop moaning about crap.

  22. This is a great trend. If any of these people show up on the facial recognition software at our entrances, we’ll raise the odds on the slot machines & video poker consoles they use. We’ll offer bonuses to any table personnel who outwit the “selfie-schmucks”.

  23. Once upon a time you dressed so fine
    Threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you?

  24. Have YOU seen the current series of The X Files!?

  25. This is stupidity beyond measure. You will notice that not a single one of the selfish….err….selfies are over the age of 30.

  26. The age people are still liberal

  27. Give ’em twenty years, the little d-bags will be just like the homeless they are mocking.

  28. Hahaha! LOLOLOL! It will NEVER happen to me! I’m too damn clever and smart. What? Mum’s gone and there’s no more money? No one will hire me because of my neck tattoo? Good thing I’m young and good-looking. What other skills will ever be necessary? Ha! homeless schmucks!

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