21 thoughts on “What Happens When Selfie Generation Visits Holocaust Memorial”

  1. I am German and I gotta say: Meh, they would take Selfies like this pretty much everywhere. It is not some eternally holy site – just average questionable taste.

  2. Influencers are scum anyway.

  3. Notice the majority of them were stupid splitarses. :-(

  4. Everytime I see an influencer the word “harlot” pops into my mind. And I don’t think that about women usualy.


    de·co·rum – /dəˈkôrəm/
    behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety

    (clearly lost on all of these cretins. Their parents must be soo proud)

  6. If only there was some kind of camp we could send them all to.

  7. Ok shut it down. You just won the internet

  8. Sons of bitch

  9. Congrats on your new fancy words dude!

  10. ^this!

  11. This is so offensive. These youngsters clearly have no education, nor imagination. How can sites like this, and Chernobyl, be treated as set for their ridiculous selfies. It is sickening.

  12. Anon, fail

  13. Well this is how the world changed. Nothing is more important than likes, followers and internet popularity. To those people admiration of their followers (mostly total strangers) is what counts the most. I must say it is strange and sad world we are living in nowadays.

  14. Every one an unbelievable amount of disrespect put out there for all the world to see. Morons! Each & every one of them!!!

  15. I wish someone put them in a freight train car and transported them somewhere.

  16. Islam: “Enough time has passed, they’re almost ready”…….

  17. Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about getting pissed off at the people having their picture taken at the ruins (no, not the Freedom Tower yet…just the ruins) of the World Trade Center…and grinning like they’re at Disney having their pictures taken with Mickey.

  18. Every one of these idiots needs a serious kick in the ass

  19. A. Insensitive pricks
    B. Desperately insecure children
    C. Dumbasses
    D. All of the above

  20. You’ve asked for D.

  21. Just leave these people alone, looks like harmless fun.

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