Maybe She’s Right…


I told her guns make me feel uncomfortable. She said we should both see other men.


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  1. Hahahaha. Poor libs. They’re gonna be pissed about this post.

  2. No doubt she is far right. Religious fanatic and not the brightest. But she will bare many of God’s new soldiers. She’s not fully human, like men. Quite worthless.

    • Common Sense Sez October 23, 2018

      Hey! Is this Cat Man going by another name? Same silly rhetoric empty of any meaning.

    • Cannot argue with an NPC, as they are non-argumentative.

    • My comment was to Anonymous above ^

    • Oh, you’re one of those RWNJ automatons that ascribe NPC status to reasonable, decent people? I’m shocked, I tells ya.

      You’d better pray that none of your lot start thinking for themselves or your numbers are going to dwindle faster than a Republican can vote for a sexual predator.

    • Shut up, woman!

    • But, I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton. Or Franken, Conyers, Bob Filner, Bocanegra, Weinstein, etc….

    • Endtime_nigh October 24, 2018

      “Bear” not “bare.” In an attempt to call into question another’s intelligence, your point is better made when not revealing your own intellectual shortcomings.

    • Not everyone is natural speaker of this yet quite simple language.

    • @Endtime: I am always amused by that…..

  3. Being English – this makes no sense to me at all. We don’t have guns.

    • No one has guns in the bedroom, except Americans.

    • Jane: I’ve heard police work is dangerous.

      Frank Drebin: It is. That’s why I carry a big gun.

      Jane: Aren’t you afraid it might go off accidentally?

      Frank Drebin: I used to have that problem.

      Jane: What did you do about it?

      Frank Drebin: I just think about baseball.

  4. Americans have guns because are country is large. It can take up to an hour for law enforcement to arrive when summoned. We also have wild life that can kill and eat us. Also rabid animals are common in the west. Not just a few of us, Tens of millions of us HAVE to have guns. When we hear a noise at night we don’t call for help, we help our selves. This is something people in the EU fail to understand.

  5. Aah, the compensator strikes again.

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