Doctor’s Orders

Sorry, but you can eat only seafood for next 6 months. You must learn to swim now, little piggy.

12 thoughts on “Doctor’s Orders”

  1. Make Ardern Go Away

  2. Haha, you loser. First Canada, now New Zealand. Did you flee from there too because of too much freedom?

  3. Seafood, food that swims in it’s own toilet. Yummy,
    give me a second helping!
    Worse yet, fish farms close to shore. All that raw sewage,
    and the sea creatures can not escape the discharges.
    Yummy, give me a second helping!

  4. How about modern wastewater treatment, you pigs?

  5. Pigs walk in their own toilet too.

  6. Who is ardern?

  7. New Zealand’s prime minister. A woman and successfull in politics. That’s why misogynists hate her.

  8. You would too if I lock you into a small wicket, laserbrain.

  9. Robust and engaging comment.

  10. Bacon. That is all that need be said.

  11. Bacon is the food of chumps. Why don’t you just eat a teaspoon full of salt.
    Same results, but much cheaper.

  12. You cannot talk badly of bacon. Because it’s BACON! The meat of the Gods.

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