Doctor’s Orders


Sorry, but you can eat only seafood for next 6 months. You must learn to swim now, little piggy.


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  1. Make Ardern Go Away

    • Haha, you loser. First Canada, now New Zealand. Did you flee from there too because of too much freedom?

    • Who is ardern?

    • New Zealand’s prime minister. A woman and successfull in politics. That’s why misogynists hate her.

  2. Seafood, food that swims in it’s own toilet. Yummy,
    give me a second helping!
    Worse yet, fish farms close to shore. All that raw sewage,
    and the sea creatures can not escape the discharges.
    Yummy, give me a second helping!

  3. The Judge. April 19, 2022

    Robust and engaging comment.

  4. Bacon. That is all that need be said.

    • Concerned citizen April 20, 2022

      Bacon is the food of chumps. Why don’t you just eat a teaspoon full of salt.
      Same results, but much cheaper.

    • You cannot talk badly of bacon. Because it’s BACON! The meat of the Gods.

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