Illustrations of Scumbags Who Want You to Work For Free


11 thoughts on “Illustrations of Scumbags Who Want You to Work For Free”

  1. As a freelancer, I feel your pain.

  2. Shite

  3. The cousin of my son’s friend’s mother’s uncle’s daughter does it for free with some software from the internet. Why do you charge so much?

  4. Joe Bob and me done some work for free one time. It was at the request of the state. Something ’bout paying our debt to society. We cut a lot of grass alone this one road.

  5. Trump’s minions think they’re special little boys and girls who deserve lead a privileged life, and should be allowed to take anything from useful, productive people.
    They’re not.

  6. Where is the real me?

  7. Portraits are beautiful, but no, I am not going to pay for that

  8. You don’t HAVE TO work for free! No one is forcing you to do it. It’s your own choice so stop whining!

  9. Set up a website for a small business. Invoiced customer. Customer returned invoice saying they “understood there’d be no charge”. Went in through back door and took down website. Losers.

  10. You should stop sayin’.
    Asshats like these have existed since the beginning of ANY business interactions, throughout time. CENTURIES before Trump or ANY of his boneheads were even a horrified prophecy of doom.
    Instead of trying to be yet ANOTHER over-political dweeb blaming everything on Trump (the way his followers do with Obama), and spending your time spewing your ignorance all over the web, how bout you actually ASK a professional who does contract work, they’ll ALL tell you there have ALWAYS been these self-absorbed idiots, especially in contract work.
    Grow up.

  11. Yo Felix…
    Please listen closely: Pull. Your. Head. Out. Of. Your. A**.
    Nobody said anything about working for free. This is a set of drawings and (most likely real) comments made to an independent artist by idiots that thought they should get free art done. Any actual professional (in ANY field) will look at someone using one of these expressions of idiocy, and say: ‘Well, good luck with that. I don’t work for free, any more than YOU would. You don’t want to pay? Do it yourself. Best of luck with that.’, then walk away, or hang up (depending on the interaction).
    This is not whining, that would be something like: ‘I don’t like you giving examples of people being idiots! You should stop now!’… Oh, wait. That would be what YOU were doing. My bad.

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