ISIS Terrorists



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  1. AmericanInWienna April 21, 2017

    It’s how Americans see them… for now.

  2. If only they were just a bunch of sandbox-jihadis looking like the bad guys in a cartoon or a marvel movie, but the truth is the “moderate” muslims is a huge part of the problem. Here’s a “moderate” guy casually walking around paris in a ISIS flag:

    • Probably without anyone beating him up for it too, making the europeans the number one problem. This is quite accurate:

    • Not sure if this counts as moderate.
      Problem is islam itself. As a muslim will not take any responsibility for his brothers action there is no social pressure on extremists.
      Same thing like neonazis like Le Pen, Trump, Wilders, etc. As the society releases pressure on them they crawl out of their oozy holes. Like terrorists in suits. Ready to attack democracy.
      And to be clear. Le Pen will do nothing about terrorism. She thrives from it. She needs it to keep people in fear while she will fill her pockets with tax money and put her friends in higher places. Like all populists do. And always have.

    • Marxists are evil April 21, 2017

      Problem with you Mr zumanga Marxist is you don’t see that you and yours caused this problem. Your a pathetic psychopath.

    • What does that have to do with marxism? I think you are mixing up a lot of things you don’t understand and/or know. Alternate facts and political fairy tails don’t make good arguments. You ‘merican?

    • zumanga is making some very good points there, well thought-out, too. Not sure whether this is the right platform to voice those thoughts, though.

    • @anteater: zumunga is making no points, just using rhetoric and hyperbole. A lot of words but really saying nothing of substance.

  3. Holland Mohammad April 21, 2017

    Is the top pic Frenchmen with out white flags?

  4. Looking, looking April 22, 2017

    Where’s the thumbs up?

  5. It amazes me how people with enough sense to identify islam as the problem can call the few politicians brave enough to risk their lives fighting it “neo-nazis” in the same sentence. Maybe it’s some sort of college-reflex or something.
    Btw, do you know why trump/le pen/wilders etc do what they do? Because NONE of the left-wing politicians have acknowledged the threat from islam in the last 40 years. They were to busy screaming “racist” and “neo-nazis” at the people who, unlike them, had the balls to tell the truth. You leave a gap like that for so long somebody’s going to fill it, and it might not be someone you like.

    • There are hardly any real left-wing politicians in any of the western countries. I mean, there are left-wing politicians, but we wouldn’t know them as they are to insignificant.
      What we have, though, are a bunch of neoliberals, some of them are not disguising themselves, some claim to be conservative, some claim to be social democrats. Once in power they do all the effing same: make sure the rich get richer. No, I am not a Marxist, but I have had a look at politics for the past 30 or so years. Think Thatcher in the UK, think Schröder in Germany, the list is endless.

    • It was an answer to zumanga, but it’s true, the politicians who actually want’s to solve the problems generally only exist right before they get into office, then someone shows up with a suitcase full of money and gone are every principle they ever had. That’s why i like politicians like trump or geert wilders, cause say what you will about them, they are definetely not just repeating what the real people in power want’s them to say.
      In politics today, that’s pretty much all you can hope for, then the rest is up to the people when the “populists” or “neo-nazis” as some like to call them have presented the options. Accept more islam and die, or vote to do something about it before. It’s not even a choice for me.
      Also, i’m pretty sure i don’t want any real left-wing politicians in office, since that usually results in a whole lot of dead bodies, even more than ISIS ever could produce.

    • Wilders is brave? So, why is he hiding in his home with lots of security like any other politician too? People like him and Trump are called neo-nazis not because they want to ban islam. They want to ban everthing that they don’t like in their small world. Like independent women, gay rights, free speech and everything that hinders them making lots of money and gaining more power. They are like a bad destillate of normal politicians. Only the toxic parts.
      And all Trump has done so far is, showing awfull taste in furniture, showing lack of education, failing to ruin hard working peoples’ health insurance, failing to ban muslim people for no reason just because they are muslim, insult all allies of the U.S., hit an empty airfield with expensive ammunition and finally hit some terrorists with a really big bomb to make sure this time someone dies, placing family members in high places, hide mysterious visitors from the public and probably grabbed every pussy he could get his hands on in the White House. The world really feels bad for the U.S. It’s such a disgrace you didn’t deserve.
      If you vote such people you will just exchange islamistic terror with government terror.

    • And to make this clear, I don’t differ between right- and left-winged extremists. Both are of the same stuff.

    • Wll, Mcdaddy, George W. Bush is attributed with 1.2 Million dead bodies. IS have a long way to go to reach that figure.
      Trump tends (or so it seems) to say what he’s heard on TV. Don’t think he is any better than, for instance, this Clinton chick (whom I don’t like one bit). The latter was called a war monger, the former now is one, too.
      Problem is, that when people talk about left-wing politicians they talk about totalitarian left-wing politicians. I don’t know one single left-wing person who thinks that being left-wing and totalitarian can be put together. In other words, I’d like to see one real left-wing (humanitarian, enlightened, social and so on) politician being successful (elected) during my life-time.

    • Ah, ze old problem with the left wing: “THIS time we’re right, and our ideas won’t end in a totallitarian regime, promise! I can prove it, just look at my stoner hippie friends = communism deserves another chance.” STFU, please.
      And @zumanga, wilders lives with 24/7/365 protection because some liberal idiots made his country unsafe to be in, by filling it up with muslim extremists. You can hardly blame the guy for being a bit fed up with that. And all the things you claim he wants to ban, i think you got that mixed up with an imam speech in the local mosque or something.
      As someone once said: “all it takes for evil to win, is for good men to do nothing”. In this case, i’m not waiting for the self-proclaimed “good men” of the left to get off their asses, especially since most of them are defending islam today. If they are the alternative to wilders, le pen, & trump, there is no alternative.

  6. Continuation April 23, 2017

    Third frame looks like piles of hamburger.

  7. The real terrorists are the US.

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