European Men: Then vs. Now



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  1. Uhm, on the right, that’s no man. Get some glasses. It’s a woman in the body of a man.

  2. EAT LIVER thinks the “thing” on the right is “progressive”
    and making fun of the REAL MEN of today.
    Wait until they *need* us…P*SS!ES!!!

    • I’m sure we’ll manage to open the jam jar without you, sweety. Now push off.

  3. That’s only western europe. Eastern european men kill bears with bare hands and eat them raw.

    • The Good German November 14, 2016

      Eastern european men are drunk. The bear is imaginative or often called their wife.

    • Eastern europeans are afraid of their wives. Their wives are scary, they eat drunk men alive.

  4. Italiano Medio November 14, 2016

    If only we could have Trump as president of the EU. Make the EU great again!

    • Your sarcasm is wasted on the yanks. Half of America thought they were real men… until Trump grabbed them by the *****.

  5. Left is slave, right is free.

  6. Real men can take a joke, it’s okay! Make them prove it, you might be regretful. Just sayin’

  7. I’m european and I do buhurt (search the web)

  8. lol, I get it. A guy is dressed funny!
    It’s hilarious, because he’s wearing a dress over his chain mail!

  9. You’d get a harder time where I live for dressing like the knight…

  10. yup!
    back then he would have killed you because he heard you calling the king “dum”.
    Nowdays, he tries his best to help people having trouble so far away from him.

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