Classical Sculptures Dressed in Modern Outfits

These photo manipulations has been created by Leo Caillard by photographing classical sculptures and then ask his friends to strike similar poses, wearing modern clothes and accessories. He would then dress the sculptures using Photoshop…


7 thoughts on “Classical Sculptures Dressed in Modern Outfits”

  1. Ancient Hipsters

  2. The sunglasses makes them really take extra effort to be cool :)
    I wish I’d be as cool as them. I mean, they’ve been on top of the fashion world for several millenia – brilliant!

  3. Why did the make all the statues hip *****?

  4. As I recall, the ancients actually painted these statues to be lifelike, not left them in natural marble. I must admit that I wasn’t there at the time no matter how many suggest so.

  5. You are actually correct. Some still show color residues.

  6. About time those jerks got some clothes on!

  7. Hey…youre taking about MY DAVID!!!!

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