Scully’s Lazy Eye


10 thoughts on “Scully’s Lazy Eye”

  1. Scully who?

  2. I have to carry all the load . Damned lazy eye.

  3. I dated a girl with a lazy eye once.
    It turns out she was seeing someone else the whole time.

  4. I have a lazy eye wen I stay. Up!!!’nnn

  5. Hahahaha I bet that was funny hahahahah!!!

  6. X-Files should make a comeback!

  7. I once dated someone with cross-eyes. She dropped a dime and picked up two nickels.

  8. Your joke is referring to a wonky eye, not a lazy eye. There’s a difference.

  9. I can explain…

  10. It did…. :-)
    “Scullaay !!! ” forever….

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