How Schools Think We’ll Find a Job

What special skills or talents would you bring to the company? I have memorized the periodic table. Great, you are hired!

8 thoughts on “How Schools Think We’ll Find a Job”

  1. This is somehow Biden’s fault. I don’t know why, but that’s what my masters tell me to think, so it must be true.

  2. School are supposed to prepare for your future, pity they are mostly
    daycare centres.

  3. I learned to hate whites, Christianity, rich people, conservatives, babies, straight or normal people, men, especially white men, any kind of institution, my self, my neighbors, my country, your country, and common sense. Did I get the job?

  4. Liar. You never left your basement and got homeschooled by your racist, bigot clan mom. Who is also your cousin. And your sister.

  5. Yup. Everyone that is not a blue haired, tattooed crazy Lib lives in their basement and is racist. This is why the Left fails. Us and Them. If your not with us, your against us. Hows that working out for ya election wise?

  6. Hilarious.
    You think that republicans aren’t stereotyping people? That’s funny. BLM march with thousands of people and 10 people looting……pretty sure I know what fox and their listeners are going to say.

    “Us and them. If you’re not with us, you’re against us. ” Even funnier. This is absolutely Trumps motto. Attack the immigrants, minorities, LGBTQ and liberals… even any in the GOP that don’t agree with him.

    You’re right though, stereotyping and attacking each other is no good. It’s united we stand.

  7. “how schools think we’ll find a job.”

    Nope. You will need to remember lots of things when you get to work though. ( lots of industry specific acronyms for example. )

  8. The left fails at elections. But the right fails at running a country.
    “Oh, a pandemic. I’ll go playing golf. Just let the riffraff die.”


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