Anybody Would Like To Say Something?

He's vegan. He also does crossfit. And his dog is rescue.

23 thoughts on “Anybody Would Like To Say Something?”

  1. I’m a vegetarian but I find this hilarious! A lot of people don’t even realize I’m a vegetarian because I don’t make a big deal out of it. Plus, I don’t care what other people eat. That’s their business, not mine. My wife isn’t vegetarian but I do the cooking. I cook her meat all the time and buy high quality steaks, etc. If I have a cook-out, I’ll cook people whatever they want. They can try some veggie options if they want, but that’s their choice. Most people are willing to experiment trying some if you’re not trying to stuff it down their throat!

  2. So, you basicly told the whole internet you are a vegetatrian. Even though noone asked you. Hilarious indeed…

  3. at least as “anonymous”.

    and you likely overestimate the reach of eatliver.

  4. … and 2nd Anonymous showed everyone on the “Eat Liver” realm of the Internet that they are an a$$hole with a single comment. Again, hilarious indeed!

  5. Cry me a river. You haven’t met real aholes, I guess.

  6. I’m sorry

  7. This message is so sweet it gave me a tooth ache.
    Who cares if your a vegetarian or a blood sucking carnivore.

  8. Three of the four women in this pic look real doable.

  9. 3 of 5. The vegan dude counts as ugly woman.

  10. I’m not. I’m a lame fake.

  11. That means you’ve got the chance to get a girlfriend. Finally. You should talk to him… her.

  12. You don’t. That’s the real problem.

  13. Incel Randy Andy won’t do anyone ever. *lol*

  14. Jauquine Phoenix and Hitler were vegan/vegetarians. So is the head of our graphics department who is a b*** as well as many of her staff. The leadershit of the WEFians is as well. Those in the graphics department are vegan/vegetarians have blue hair and are obese. They have cats. All but Hitler have the mRNA GMO treatment. Most have a psychosis of some sort or other. All vote for the same people(D) and tend to be Wicans or atheists. Interestingly, none seem to have children.

  15. How do you know the “women” aren’t really “men” and the “men” aren’t really “women”?

  16. We are all women. At first. All fetuses are female at start.

  17. Show us on the rightard puppet where they hurt you.

  18. @J. Wellington Wimpy You share more with Hitler than they do.

  19. Eatliver – a place where I came to learn how 5th graders insult one another in comments.

  20. What’s up, wannabe mature person?

  21. fetuses also grow gills. so what?

  22. Fish women rule.

  23. Let’s go

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