Floppy Disks Are Like Jesus


The icon of saving.


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  1. The icon of saving? If he can’t save children from the pedo priests what hope have we got that he can save the rest of us?

  2. Both are obsolete.

  3. The icon of atheism is the flat earth. People simply can’t be convinced of it.

    • Hardly! Atheists and Agnostics pay attention to science.
      Flat earthers are more like the religious…… believing in things despite the fact that they are easy to disprove. The earth is more than 6,000 yrs old, and it’s not the center of the universe either.

    • Hey, Aggie; you’re generations out of date. Merely straw men you’re taking on with geocentrism and young earth pap. Get current. Even so, atheists can’t convince anyone—just like fiat earthers. Your numbers are embarrassingly pathetic because people get it.

    • The number of people believing in a god only highlights man’s gullibility to believe anything without the slightest proof.

  4. No, it highlights the utter irrationality of everything magically coming from nothing. Atheism is even stupider than magic; at least with magic you start with a hat and a rabbit. The absurdity of rejecting ex nihilo nihil fit is patent, and men know it.

  5. It’s called aseity. You wouldn’t understand.

    • I do understand — the answer to any question must be that god exists, no matter the absurdity of the consequences.

  6. And of course it does to you. You who believe everything came from nothing despite both philosophy and physics. Which is why you are incapable of convincing men. Flat earth.

    • Physicists work with assumptions which they try to prove and disprove. No answer is cut in stone, only those answers survive that are confirmed by research. We don’t yet know what preceded the big bang, if anything preceded the big bang at all. That is a far cry from your dogma that everything must be god. And you forget that the above mentioned geocentrism and young earth pap, which you are so happy to discard, are two examples where your dogma was a sore loser.
      By the way, researchers already established the earth was round before your religion was invented.

  7. Ah, the no-God-of-the-maybe-gaps “argument.” Hilarious! You’re on your own; we can’t interact with a fideist.

    • That’s the way science works. Unlike your dogmatic worship of something for which you have not the slightest proof, have no idea what it looks like, where it resides, what it might have done or how it might have done it. You hope there is something science has missed out on, but science keeps disappointing you time and again.

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