Remember The Good Old Days?


What's wrong? I miss the days when Sarah Palin was the craziest politician.


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  1. Ah, the good old days. Back when presidents did what was best for their country instead of themselves, and the losers in an election just went away.

    • Like those Republicans in Wisconsin? Banning electric cars. So your children won’t have a future.

    • Actually, that’s Wyoming. They drill for a lot of oil there, and there are not a lot of jobs and not a lot of people.

      They have a lot of windmills though.

    • Their problem is they have Republicans also.

  2. Into reeducation/concentration camps no doubt

  3. Old bastard January 17, 2023

    Ah, the good old days, back when a dime bought you a 12 oz. glass of beer.
    You could get well pissed for under a buck. While staggering home you could
    stop at the local cafe, have a coffee, and burger deluxe for under a buck.

    • Me remember too January 18, 2023

      Yup, a coffee, burger, and fries for six bits,(That’s .75 cents).

  4. Sheela Jackson Lee(D) January 18, 2023

    If any of you white mo fo’s say anything bad about me or a brother you going to jail. Don’t call me crazy or nuffin

    • OR Hank “Guam g’wana tip ovah!” Johnson…

    • Non-Americans don’t understand your retarded references. Go international, Hillbillies.

    • Wenn ist das nun Stück gitt (geht) und Schlottermeyer? – Ja: Bayer-Hund. Das, oder die Flipper-Wald Gespütt! (Gespött)“

      Then Otto dies.

    • Jibberish. Probably the only post you made that made any sense at all.

  5. Even though Joe Biden constantly shows that he’s stupider than we ever thought, you will never see a Joe Biden meme here.

    • Joe once gave the Vice President’s left boob a little squeeze thinking it Jill beside him.

    • Judge: do you recognize the woman on this photo?
      Trump: Uhh, yes, that is my second wife.
      Lawyer: No, she is the woman you said you did not rape because she wasn’t your type.

    • Epic Trump Fail January 19, 2023

      When you are narcissist but also an idiot.

    • Woke brainless people would never make a joke about a pedo senile with dementia in the presidency if the president didn’t misgender anyone.

  6. Shaniqua is not amused

  7. If you honestly feel that Pedo Pete is a better President then the last President then you’ve had to many jabs, have eaten to many bugs or have been cooking over a gas stove. So please never vote again. You are dumb. Provably. Now go get another booster and don’t forget the kiddos, they want myocarditis too! Way to go Brandon.

    • Any random dude from the streets is better than the last president.

    • You people don’t even live in the US! Haha. You just talk about it cause you’ll go to jail if you trash the country you DO live in. Especially Candastan. And three time convicted A-hole Justine socks Trudeau runs that Sh@! Hole so spare me.

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