Bad News: Santa Saw Your Instagram Pictures

Who would have thought that paying attention in school and not dressing like a prostitute would pay off? You didn’t. That’s why you won’t get the latest iPhone for Christmas. Only a dictionary and some clothes for you.

You're getting clothes and a dictionary for Christmas.

21 thoughts on “Bad News: Santa Saw Your Instagram Pictures”

  1. I hope Effendi gets a brain for Christmas!

  2. Effendi will be offendi by this comment!

  3. Pretty sure Effendi has enough brains for the two of you. As does my neighbors dog.

  4. Those fools with their pants half way down thighs should get
    first crack, “ no pun intended” with Santa’s offer.

  5. I wonder if Santa would have enough cash after checking the OnlyFans.

  6. Law enforcement authorities saw my instagram pictures, and now I’m on a public register and can’t go within 500 yards of an elementary school! 😥

  7. Is that why you fled from Canada?

  8. Who cares, I’m not Santa’s ho…

  9. Less than 60% of Canadians believe in Santa, many will pretend
    to believe even if all you get are cloths, and a dictionary.
    Silly buggers!

  10. Why not? Things for free.

  11. Cranial lead therapy is a 100% effective and immediate cure for child predators and pedophiles. It should be the gold standard treatment worldwide.

  12. Amen Brother.

  13. Best start with yourself. Psychopaths should be the first ones.

  14. Spoken like a true pedo. Always looking to cover their tracks. A psychopath is a saint compared to pedo.

  15. Spoken like a true psychopath. Just accuse everyone to be a pedo to get away. 😂

  16. How could you say that? Mr. Gaetz here isn’t a psychopath. He’s a pedo, a saint, a human trafficker and an upright citizen. He is an example of our conservative values. An first of all he supports our beloved leader and president Donald J. Trump.

  17. Proof or your lying 🤥

  18. Did they steal the presidency from Trump? Same proof.

  19. Being a conservative is a guilty verdict per se. For good reasons. Don’t let them hypocrits get away.

  20. Don’t worry Biden will fix everything. The Left is great at fixing and maintaining thing’s. All you have to do is look at the cities they run. Oh.. wait.. they are all Sh@# holes. Well.. ORANGE MAN BAD!!! Reeee!

  21. Well, Republican governments ususally leave a state in debt. Democratic governments a restored budget. Seems you are right. They are better at running and fixing things. Glad you are admitting true facts. There may be hope for you.
    And the case of such cities. Everybody knows they are starved out by conservative state or federal governments. You are blaming the victim here. Conservatives need such sh*tholes for their policy and easy votes. If you want to be looked at as the great warrior for law and order or the fighter against poverty you provide the crime and hardship first by yourself.

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