Salary Meme: Your Salary Won’t Be Very Good…

Kinda funny when you spin this around and use the same logic on the employer, isn’t it? Someone should try this in an actual job interview and report the results in the comments.

Your salary won't be very good starting out. Is that okay? My performance won’t be very good until it is. That okay?

11 thoughts on “Salary Meme: Your Salary Won’t Be Very Good…”

  1. 1st

  2. Bravo, sir. Absolute sh*t tier comment. I hate you.

  3. No need. I got a qulified job. And you?

  4. Might I recommend a career in oil and gas in a 2nd world country?

  5. You mean the USA?

  6. English teacher?

  7. No, a qualified job. Most teachers aren’t qualified.

  8. Trump said the USA are a 3rd world sh*thole.

  9. Make EatLiver great again!

  10. Didn’t know you could get a professional qualification as a Glory Hole Operator.

  11. That’s what I said. But then my salary got raised and I still perform sh*t. Haha.

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