American Office Workers Sharing Photos of Their Sad Desk Lunches

Did you know that more than 60% of American office workers usually eat their lunch in the same spot they work all day? Online community Sad Desk Lunch will make you feel one step closer to death just by looking at their horrible lunches.

12 thoughts on “American Office Workers Sharing Photos of Their Sad Desk Lunches”

  1. To the person with the sardines: Everyone in the office hates you.

  2. So true.

  3. It’s called freedom. MAGA. Phfahahaha…

  4. so sad….

  5. Everyone here is going “wait, is that my desk?”

  6. Poor American workers. They have desk and a lunch.

  7. Chicom’s have a square plastic tub about 7x7x4. It always has rice a vegetable perhaps a piece of fish. Always. Always. Everyday.

    It looks good too. I need to learn how to cook like chicom

  8. I wouldn’t have identified half of it as food. More like… bio waste.

  9. 1. there’s A LOT of grease almost in every food item .wtf? Grease and oil makes food tasteless.

    2. Why would you eat at your desk at all? You can’t work while eating, and it STINKS up the place, your clothes and is a disgusting habit in general.
    I have worked in several offices and at most people drink coffee and very rarely eat a piece of bakery. Noone ever ate full lunch at their table.

  10. The only time I’d consider eating at your desk ok is if you are a serious athlete and you really NEED to have frequent small meals.
    Otherwise – get up and eat like a human being – in eating hall or out of office.

    Whats the point in sitting and stinking at your workplace? Seriously? You will meet your life-changing contacts and lvoed ones out of office. Whats the point of being so dedicated to meaningless work (all work is meaningless after you die, fool) that you don’t allow your brain to rest even when eating.

  11. Life is what you make of it. Don’t be a loser.

  12. Oh please, people, many eat at their desks. That is one more hour of getting shit done and being able to leave. I did it all the time. I worked 5 hours a day and so be it that I do it while eating.

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