How Russian Women Age

How Russian women age.

9 thoughts on “How Russian Women Age”

  1. Wtf? Not true

  2. She looks Chechn, not sure that’s the same thing.

  3. In the West they are all Ruskis.

  4. @Anon
    That’s like calling a Arabic speaking “Asian” in Paris a Frenchman.

  5. All russians are Avrils Lavinges confirmed.

  6. I once had an Avrils, the one with the “26 chrome wheels and dual handle bars. Rode it out in front of a big truck and it got Lavinges under the tank.

  7. Washington bot detected.

  8. Now the truth. From an actual Russian.

    The second photo is about 70-90 years old. Likely closer to 80.

    The first photo can be as low as 16 or even … 14. Depending on genetics.

    You’re welcome.

  9. bubushka

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