They Sure Know How To Party In Russia




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  1. Studmuffin June 8, 2015

    Hawt Russian gurls want to meet me! They send me emails all the time!

  2. you might think that these are exemptions.. just lowlife scum cherry-picked.
    well.. the reality is that this is average russia.
    Source: I’ve lived there for quite a while.

  3. Where is the picture of those drunk guys sitting in a BUK and firing missiles on passenger planes.

    • Next to the picture in which people organize mass self-immolation in Odessa (according to the Ukrainian government).

    • Drinking vodka, dreaming of a russian empire and open fire. Not always a good combination…

  4. Last one doesn’t seem that bad. Just a Russian eating breakfast.

    • Free World June 10, 2015

      I miss the loaded gun beside him. Maybe it’s out of frame. Russians are barbarians and communism didn’t made them better. Everywhere communism ruled people became selfish and ignorant. An irony considering the spirit of communism. They may be better now if they had kept their Czar and were still bond-slaves. … Well, Czar Vladimir III. is working on that. His war in Ukraine is only a distraction. It must be really frustrating being Putin, sorry, Vladimir III.. You make all those well thought plans and your 99% drunk people screw everything up.

  5. Tennessee Redneck June 9, 2015

    Hey- what are those commies doing drinking good ‘Merican whiskey? Let them drink their potato water- sour mash is too good for them!

  6. Second one grosses me out every time June 9, 2015

    I don’t know what is worse- drinking through the sandal or the “lady” pouring the vodka . . .

  7. Bubba and Joe Bob June 9, 2015

    Hey “Second one,” at least the one doin’ the pourin’ has shaved pits. Better’n some of them Frenchie wimmen.

  8. Somehow all those russian men look alike. Must be clones.

  9. Demetrius June 16, 2015

    Do you really think that all the Russians are like that? As usual you are demontrated the most disgusting illustrations that exist in every nation. It’s worth to think what’s the reason of this one-sided reporting?

    • no one thinks *all* russians are like that
      but a substantial part of

  10. They all look so inbred.

  11. Hey, Demetrius, аdmit it , you’re Russian-)

  12. US TOR exit Node #42 May 3, 2016

    Jack Daniels and the Russian solder is disturbing, it’s kinda like treason or something.

  13. Bath tub pizza is best pizza.

  14. I think its a load of fun but then again combination is deadly …vodka country is so great

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