Notorious Russian Gangsters



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  1. priest/warrior multi class is the best, always did that in baldur’s gate

  2. Igor is so badass posing in front of the Persian rug

  3. Papa Gorbačëv August 15, 2014

    Never heard of “finger off the trigger” in Russia???
    Obviously toy guns in last picture. I hope it was intended to be ironic.

    • If we are lucky they kill themselves with those guns before they can hurt us.

  4. All of it look kinda GAY to me.

    • You must be ‘straight as arrow’ since you see gayness everywhere.

  5. I didn’t know a Guinea Pig was considered a gang weapon…now I’m frightened of all small fuzzy pets!

  6. MarshCreature August 15, 2014

    2 dudes half naked in a bed .. yea real “gangsters” lol

    • They’re practicing for when they have to do “hard” time.

    • I’m not afraid of them. But the kitten rug on the wall, THAT’s a different story…

  7. Where is their boss? Putin.

  8. The guy in number 2 is the spitting image of my uncle, right down to the clothes and beaten up Lada. In fact, he does go off on “business trips” a lot.
    Speaking of number 2, why are so many of them squatting down?

  9. Imagine having these guys around your neighborhood. Not so funny, punk

  10. Sponsered bij adidas? Russia, where inbreds are the norm…

  11. The Great Pumpkin November 16, 2014

    @I Hate Cat Pictures: You wanted Russians, you got ’em. Happy now?

  12. Russians drive some of the hooptiest cars I’ve ever seen.

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