Russian Mafia Gravestones



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  1. Of course they all been killed.. massive stones done by their mates… thats how they showed respect.

    • Most of them from Ukraine. You may see it on the license plates of their cars. The last family died in car accident, this is obvious.

    • Did they bury the car too?

  2. A cross on the gravestone won’t make up for a life of crime….


  4. I noticed their transportation of choice was a Mercedes. At least they died with class

  5. pro-tip: this page is best scrolled through listening to Alice Cooper’s “Poison”

  6. This was a terrible but a wonderfull time.

  7. The six of can be found by link below and all of them are from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukrainian city. The current dnepropitovian “derhzala” Kalamoyskiy, who was born Dnepropetrovsk, has been making his treasure there since 1986 and who should be lie something out of there as some of this guys linked to his bratva.

  8. Is not only Russia!
    This is Ukrainian photo too.
    Car namber detected.

  9. this is no russia, it’s ukranian ppls, because autos number registerd in UA

    • One of those is ukrainian , anothe are russian

    • Doesn’t matter actually. Just visit any Moscow cemetery – from Vostryakovskoe to Vagankovskoe and youll find some gravestones with mersedeses constructed in the late 90-th. There was the same situation in the all ex-USSR except probably the muslim countires like Tajikistan, Kyrgistan etc.

    • I disagree with Anonymous in that it’s definitely not true for all ex-USSR countries. I live in Latvia, which was under illegal Soviet rule for 50 years. We still have a notable Russian minority living here, and the gravestones of their deceased are quite normal-looking. Apart from the language, they differ from Latvian ones with the small black-and-white portraits attached to them (not even etched into the actual stone) and the Orthodox crosses. There are definitely no pictures or sculptures of cars on them. Maybe it’s true for Slavic countries, though – I really can’t say, but it sounds possible. (Cue a Belarusian correcting me on this, haha.)

    • As a hobbyist photographer from Latvia, I have seen a couple of similar gravestones, for example, in Riga Forest cemetery (Rīgas Meža kapi) and Bolderāja cemetery: both the etched photo and a car. Not a lot of them though, seemed to be around 1-2 per cemetery or so.

    • I agree with Bobby Derp. I live in Estonia, yes, I have seen In Estonia some gravestones like those (of course, smaller) but names on those were russian.
      It’s interesting situation in Russia. I was some times ago in Arab United Emirates. On 1971. they were totally poor country. Oil was dicovered in the same year. Now those cityzens are rich. Why russians wouldn’t live the some mood? AUE in very peaceful country, Russia is very aggresive. For whom is it good? Russia is totally unsccessful country for stupid politicans. Amazing!

  10. Russia sucks tomatoes…

  11. Russian Criminal Word

  12. FAKE :)))))
    Go To russia and will see that it is completely different

    • You can go, Not me bratan. Guess America is better:) For as long you’re not on Brighton Beach

    • Anonymous, that’s why you talking bullshit about Russia, coze u are in USA )) ahaha ))

  13. I think the last one is just a family crashed in that car accident

  14. Bad taste is borderless

  15. This is just a little part of the 90’s heritage. Basically who cares about the level of stupidity if one can make a year and a half income on such project. We are not talking about national heroes here. These people are criminals who were killed by other criminals. So why not make money on such morons and why not to lough at them.

  16. Sorry forgot to sign my name, my clients used to call Aristotle, one more example of the total stupidity.

  17. Live in style, die in style.

  18. Visit any Ukrainian (Bulgarian, Belorussian, Polish) cemetry and be astonished. Such gravestones seem to be a part of bandit culture, but not a Rusian one.

    • Polish? Give me a break.

    • Koopaleenka February 3, 2015

      Hey, first of all learn how to spell Belarus. Country of Belarus and people who live and die there are Belarusian.
      Secondly I do agree that those gravestones are a thing (comedically ongoing) of the Perestroika Bratva culture. Meanwhile majority of the bratva was Moscow based. Belarusian cemeteries have a few of those insane gravestones but a lot less compared to Vagankovo Cemetery. Poland was a lot less influenced by Perestroika and was “free” per say for quite a few years before Russia was. They had their own shit going on…
      Also to everyone saying that it is fake…. What? I mean before I visited United States I was having hard time to believe how fat people really were… Well, y’all are fat.
      But really though, y’all’s culture really lacks the part where shallow self representation and need to concur and own anything heart desires is important. In addition to their cars tall, skinny, blonde, big breasted women were also common accessories. As well as castle looking homes and vacation homes in Belize. Different cultures. Different customs. Strong gypsy and Mongolian influences throughout ages have influenced Russian and Eastern post-Soviet countries to strive for the bold, gold, bright. As all those things were unavailable during Soviet Union years. Everyone wore same gray coat and same shitty shoes as the neighbor.
      here check out how bratva that didn’t get shot during the 90’s ended up now…

  19. it’s not fake, it’s true! Russian mafia everywhere. perhaps drink vodka and walk the bear.

    • I think it shows a great deal of love and respect, they are beautiful yes it’s diry money but , if I had that kind of money my mother and father would have a beautiful picture on there headstone!!! If they are real and I believe they are they are breath taking !!! They also are overboard in a world were people are going hungry, even here in America were we waste money on a lot dumber things than showing respect, even to the living!!! Everyone seams to have something bad to say about other peoples countries, there is good and bad everywhere, these people had each others back no matter what, can you say that about your family and friends??? If they are in hell then they will pay there dues for eternity, a lot longer than that stone will last !!! I live in America and I must say other cultures have headstones that are a lot nicer than ours , it’s all a waste of money one day they will fade and no one on this earth will remember you !! Respect people more as they live than when they are dead , that will show more respect than a fancy head stone !!!

  20. It is not fake. Believe me. I live in Moscow. )))

  21. cannot be true February 2, 2015

    When you die, yes I really want to remember what car I drove in my life..

  22. Stones with cars??? What taste that is? Looks like no taste!

  23. russian, ukrainian, azerbaidjany, moldovan. Former USSR rules!

    • yeah right, you have nothing to eat, but you want to rule something. How typical for Russinas.

  24. Must have been the cigarettes that killed them , nearly all are depicted as smoking ….lol

  25. Hard to belive, that someone put this to his grave voluntarily.

  26. Hey Anc ! compare the sizes of Arab Emirates and Russia, and think over it and if you understand something, read history, the bases of the economy and political science. How it is possible to compare two countries opposite different!!! it is so primitive. and we are not aggressive, you don’t know our wonderful people and our big soul! we protect our borders from NATO, only and everything, and that they show you in your pro-American news is a full nonsense)))) from Russia with love)

    • I truly cannot recall a single time NATO threatened russia. For sure I know that Russia is a threat to any neighboring nation.

    • actually, i think youll find the rest of the world would disagree there and say that russia is a homophobic, overtly aggressive nation that likes to invade bordering countries at a whim. Has it never crossed your mind that your government, like all “democratic” governments feeds you lies and propaganda to keep you blind to the reality that less than 1% of russians control most of the countries wealth? Same with UAE. And **** the U.S, I want to live in a world with no war, not one where wars are created for profit by American AND European politicians looking to fill their and their friends coffers with the blood of innocent men women and children. Sometimes i genuinely ask myself if i want to live in a world where 1’s and 0’s on a screen are of an intrinsictly higher value than human life, and have decided that i dont, only to be saved by these people deemed expendable by a rich man who has never faced hardship in his life, but tells you what you should think and how you should live. i could go on and on about this…

    • oi oi…. slow down. go out of your flat. leave the attitude there then come back a d start posting. carefull…bossy bit*h is here and she is going to teach you a lesson… that is how you’ve cane across like to me. anyone else? just chill. love russia. love life. peace!

  27. Tomas clearly hasnt been to Russia if he thinks we’re starving…well i guess thats whats shown on tv. and making fun of ones heritage is inpolite, every country has a dark chapter in their history, take Germany or Italy, the Nazi rule etc, nobody makes fun of that, times change. Yes some people in the 90s made a wrong choice, let them rest in peace…

  28. This is how we paying respect to the dead people! Don’t like when people chatting rubbish when they know **** all!

  29. The artist creating these is the real gangster these are amazingly well done

  30. This madness comes from the nineties..

  31. 5th photo where the number 514-17АЕ, the number of Ukrainian machine, the machine in the picture is very cheap, the bandits on such did not go, it’s ridiculous.

  32. that’s very funny… everyone put the car picture in grave stone… and another one make a sinister advice for ADIDAS …:))

  33. I wouldn’t want to be a tie salesman in Russia..

  34. These guys were taken money from richest were giving to poor people. I have a respect to them!

  35. wow. they were so rich they had cars…

  36. More than half of them was gypsies

  37. Tomáš – usially smart people always rule smth – you are not…rule and not.. smart
    When you said smth stupid about “Russinas” you didn`t respect millions of people. And be a man – tell it to some of these guys :) – your grave will be somewere nobody knows about…

  38. Im having one of those bad boys

  39. Nothing says gangster more than driving a Daewoo

  40. Some are certainly good pieces, but many look second rate at best.
    Downside of including any item of technology on your gravestone – you get a permanent engraving of an ancient mobile phone in an otherwise perfectly nice memorial.

  41. I’ve lost gravestone interest.

  42. You can’t bring $ with you but you can have a kick ass tombstone those are slick

  43. rednecks ahahahaha

  44. The stupidityin other countries isn`t less than this. And at the same time we`re the country of great brains and talents too. We`ve got self-irony either. By the way: isn`t it strange the dates of their deaths the end of 199…. and 200…. It`s the end of USSR, a difficult period of mafia`s flourish.

  45. there is a Russian saying: Daddy loves tea hot mom loves standing.
    no accounting for tastes. some people have their own cockroaches in my head

  46. Most of them are not Russians. They are jewish, jipsies, ukrainians, tatarians, kazakhs, caucasian and so on, and so for. In 90s there was burst of ethnic mafia.

  47. Who cares what they did with money! I personally think these headstones are rather nice. There is nothing wrong with they way they look.

  48. J. Wonderly February 3, 2019

    This is incredible. Always and forever gangsters, even after death.

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