Russian Mafia Gravestones



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  1. PastaFarakon August 31, 2014

    I can’t wait til this trend comes to America.

  2. I can wait.

  3. Few of these would stand out as gangster headstones, not like in Venezuela and Colombia where they pray to dead gangsters like saints and have little wooden dolls made of them.

  4. please tell me these are photoshopped

  5. What questions me here, is if they wanted it too look like this while alive, or it was the duty of their mates. In any case, i see nothing funny or deserving to be judged here. Death of anyone requres respect..

    • Yes, let’s be nice and respectful to murderers and career criminals.

    • Ooooh… so that’s how it works? And here I was thinking that respect is something you have to earn. Let me grab a gun and start shooting untill I get respected.

    • That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. You earn respect. These guys died like rats they are.

  6. looks like someone lost their marbles…

  7. Adepts of thermorectal cryptoanalysis.

  8. This is nothing compared to the Mexican cartel graves. At least these guys have a tacky etched marble stone and not a 6000sq foot grave with AC and pool.

  9. I Hate Cat Pictures September 1, 2014

    Russians!!! Non-cats!!! I love it!!!

    • Russians are such weirdoes… lacking all kinds of taste.

    • @EUro
      That’s exactly what happens when idiots get to have loads of money: they make their own culture.

    • Some are Jews. Generally speaking it is The Kitsch International Show with definite “soviet” underworld mentality, in South America they have a different taste, but it’s all the same crap.

  10. All would seem to have met violent ends, if the ages of the people depicted on the gravestones show them around the time of their death. And the death these predatory wastes of protein balanced with what they did during their lives merits exactly the same respect each gave for the people they preyed upon, which is to say, less than zero. Buying the loyalty of the relatively few common people who do the grunt work for these monsters by giving them slightly better lives does not begin to compensate for the harm and suffering of the much greater number of victims that they lived off of.

  11. 4th row, right: Daewoo? Seriously?

  12. Don Pomodoro September 2, 2014

    Many of them have their cars on their gravestones, some actually have separate gravestones for the cars. Probably just shows their greedy and shallow nature, but it makes it look like these creeps actually were buried in or with their cars. Maybe the car bombs were so powerful that it was impossible to separate the remains?

  13. messi was russian?6th pic

  14. Big timers, rolling with daewoos and shit (pic5)

  15. By the way all the cars have the ukrainian registration numbers, this is the Ukraine, not Russia

  16. YES, their cars ARE buried with them!!! They would have it no other way!

  17. Mostly poorly dressed fat guys, smoking.

  18. Yeah, I guess Mexican bandidos do it more artfully. Here the only thing is ‘here lies a guy who had robbed enough to get a car / a cottage’. To me the funniest photo is the one with two guys sharing one car.

  19. Lyrics engraved in the 2nd photo:
    ‘Living, you can act whatever you like
    Talk whatever you like
    But from time to time
    Cast a glance at my grave’.
    He means it!

  20. Most of them probably killed by lung cancer?
    Oh, and I suggest a new topic: Russians love Adidas!

  21. No worse than the photos on Italian graves! A lot of THEM look like they’ve been taken at the funeral parlour – post mortem!

  22. Lucky there was a likeness, (statue) of him BEFORE he was smashed by that giant boulder.

  23. Proof that all the blood money in the world can’t buy good taste.

  24. Every country is worthy of its achievements.

  25. This style is used not exactly for mafia. In my city there are graves like that for civil people too, like wrighters or singers
    Russia, Kazan

  26. There are awesome poem (on the stone):
    In our life
    We can’t avoid losses
    You should know those things which blooms
    Aren’t only roses

  27. Most of the cars license plates on the gravestones are originally Ukrainian.

    • There only two cars where you can see that have a Ukrainian license plate: The Daewoo en the Mercedes on the last pic. The other cars have no visible license plate or have a Russian one.

    • @Anonymous only two of entire four that we can recognize there

    • Only one

  28. from Ukraine January 30, 2015

    Many of them died in 90s. Car was a luxury. Even Dawoo. Ukranian car numbers… Yes, Ukraine and Russia are twins. Same people, same culture, same mentality. I see many mafia graves in my city (Donetsk). We (civilian people) don’t like that kind of “taste”. Do not think that it is normal for russians. We hate that kind of taste and we hate those criminals. They just stupid murders. By the way… Many of them are not russians. You call “russian” all the people from USSR. Many of these gangsters have armenian, azerbaygan, georgean, jew, gypsy nationality.

    • Yes, that’s true. Whole world think Russians are stupid! That’s why the world all the time loose…

    • Yeah bro, we hate it, I mean all normal people hate that kind of stuff. Please do not think it is normal for Russia or Ukraine!

  29. Mostly, car on gravestone meens that a guy was killed by/with the car – road accident or something. But Daewoo… yes… OMG. Russian guy from Kazakhstan

  30. This perfomance is sign of Respect from their fellows (pazani). In russia it called “virazit uvaghuhu pavshim bratanam”.

  31. Actually I’m from Georgia and since we’re post-soviet country unfortunately we have the same type of Georgian Mafia Gravestones, I think they’re just shameful, what kind of a person puts on a portrait of a mafia AND most importantly behind him a church…what bugs me out the most is that there are still some people left who will like these stuff -_-

  32. on 9th row, beer cans just in place

  33. These “other” people were a part of russian youth.

  34. Русский January 31, 2015

    So it goes, lads, so it goes.

  35. Since all of us look at there graves – they got what they wanted – trace of their existence. It is tacky but it makes sense to me

  36. from Russia January 31, 2015

    even though the graves might look similar across countries, it doesn’t mean people are same too. Ukrainians and Russians aren’t twins, same people or culture (watch the news and you’ll see what I mean! that’s common saying to justify Russian terror on its neighbors)!

  37. And who says that they were bdefinitely gangsters?

  38. In Volgograd whole avenue of monuments.

  39. Most of them were not Russians, Ukrainians and even not mafiosi. Cars on the gravestones is an attribute of the Gypsies. In ex-USSR lives about 1 million of Gypsies

  40. I think that fashion emerged from Caucasian nuovoriches some 40 years ago-there are many tasteless ugly gravestones in Baku,Tbilisi,Yerevan and so on/Later it spread in Southern regions of USSR-Rostov,Odessa etc/the princes from mud and dirt and their relatives expressed their mean idea of personal geat achievements like money-power>car,private house-by the collapse of soviet empire new type of parazites-gangsters mobsters rather openly became the part of that quazi establishment—-for instnce in Baku mst of such gravestones belong to common people having money or rich relatives even if they are not gangsters-

  41. russia, wild and stupid country

  42. Not only are these totally real but they are very very common. Several of these on every small local cemetery. Seen many of those. A car going down the road to or from a church – a very common topic.
    All except the first one which really stands out. Haven’t seen anything like it.

  43. What fun. Some Russian guys in this tread try to reveal the Ukrainian trace. As if trying to justify the happening. War is everywhere, I see.
    But the fact is that lack of taste is an international problem. Those people under those gravestones had similar perception of what the sign of well-lived life is.

  44. We’ll I think it’s the same in all post soviet cuntries :) Similar article about Lithuania:

  45. I am sorry, but this is not Russia! This is Ukraine! Dnepropetrovsk ! This is very famouse photos. Not everybody who speaks Russian is Russian! Make a research before you write your comments.

  46. Vanity fair. Miserable and stupid people…

  47. Ross Blankert January 31, 2015

    I can not help but notice that none of these guys looked very old. It must be a dangerous profession.

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