More Russian Athletes Banned From The Olympics!

8 thoughts on “More Russian Athletes Banned From The Olympics!”

  1. Has been?

  2. Because weightlifting is not a winter sport!?

  3. These are Russian girls looking for rich American husband.

  4. How dare you assume their gender? For all you know, they could prefer the pronoun ‘unicorn’. And no trigger warning either! My PTSD is crippling at the moment.

  5. I thought Russians were short and nerdy sitting behind a computer in Moscow reading John Podesta’s email, programming voting machines and trading Hillary discounted Uranium 1 stock on Vanguard when not using their Time and Relative Displacement In Space machines to leave sperm tainted blue dresses in the Oval office?

  6. lol, you forgot they are still trying to catch moose and squirrel.

  7. Moose and squirrel I died 😂

  8. Drama bum
    It’s just a mistake
    Get of your high horse and stop acting so posh imagin if someone said that to you if you made a mistake with the gender
    Who do you thing you are

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