Rules For Dating My Daughter

12 thoughts on “Rules For Dating My Daughter”

  1. So he wants to cuddle and make for hours while watching stupid chickflicks from the couch? I hope I’m misunderstanding rule #10. XD

  2. Only some of those are rules–the others are statements
    Wait…he’s gay?

  3. i realy like all jokes on this site.

  4. If I have a job and support that bitch, you have nothing to say fader

  5. He has my vote.

  6. This man has no faith in his daughter to pick good men. This is especially troubling when you realize that he’s the one that’s supposed to be modeling good behavior from men for her.
    It’s almost like he realizes what a failure he is in being a parent.

  7. I wanted to give her $5000. Is he going to give me $10,000?

  8. I think you misunderstand. He means bad things done to his daughter. He will determine what is bad and what is acceptable. And BTW, nice troll.

  9. Great so if my GF’s dad wears a shirt saying “I don’t mind going back to jail”, it’s a clever joke. But if I have it tattooed on my chest with a makeshift needle by a guy named BoneCruncher, all of a sudden it makes me look like a criminal.

  10. This is why we arrange marriages for children back in the day.

  11. Rules For Being An Overbearing Father Who Ruins All His Daughter’s Relationships While Taking Away Her Own Agency.
    If I were gonna date a chick and her father was wearing that shirt, I would run. Only a LUNATIC would wear a shirt like that when his daughter was in her thirties.

  12. Lighten up! Its just a fun t-shirt. If I took out a girl who’s dad wore that shirt I’d know he has a sense of humor.

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