Romantic Proposal

Will you spend eighteen months and tens of thousands of dollars planning a party with me? Yes! Yes! A thousand times Yes!

17 thoughts on “Romantic Proposal”

  1. Sad story repeated thousands of times a year.

  2. Loser. You couldn’t keep her.

  3. Did each get a DNA check to make sure each is as they should be? Sex change operations and hormone therapies are getting pretty good.

  4. Just keep the lights on.

  5. Can’t change those chromosomes though.

  6. Even chromosomes fail from time to time.

  7. GOP voters are proof 😂

  8. An extra one in the 21st pair…as demonstrated in the comment section of this website.

  9. Had to look it up but the ones you are talking about here won’t because they actually don’t want to know any science. It would go against their belief in constant outrage and disgust against anybody who isn’t them.

  10. Could so, with the aid of my huge bank account, my huge 4 wheel automobile,
    my huge home complete with huge pool, my huge vacation home, and last of
    all my huge hammer.
    Don’t be jealous you common little, in every way, man.

  11. XX and XY. Not that hard.

  12. Hey BIG Al you sound perfect for meeeeeeeee.

  13. Alas, the way the human body reacts to that X or Y differs a lot from person to person.

  14. It seems to be hard. Otherwise there would not be XXY and XYY. And there are more. Google for “Karotype”.
    Also there can be errors on cromosomes.
    See? The world isn’t as simple as conservatives like to swindle you about.

  15. Some one swindled you out of a brain. There are only 2 genders. Anything else is a mental disorder. Everyone knows that.

  16. Sounds great! Lets brainwash.. I mean teach that to 4, 5 and 6 year olds. Get them when they’re young right? Sick fuc@‘s.

  17. BIG AL… All those “big” things to be proud of but…….. He He….

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